Living with Covid in Samoa?

My ongoing #lockdownDiary of random observations and fiapoto thoughts! From my privileged position of being able to lock down with my teenager, both of us working/schooling from home, while Darren goes to work at Young Steel. Samoa locks down for two weeks and goes from one community Covid case to 2000+. Either we are doing… Continue reading Living with Covid in Samoa?

My New Book is Here

Surprise! I released my new book early. Because I really really wish all my favorite authors and favorite shows would take pity on me and release their next books/seasons early! 😭 (Hello Im looking at you Yellowstone, Bridgerton, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs…) Is anyone else weary sad from pandemic plagues and wars and lockdowns and… Continue reading My New Book is Here

Maths and Me dont Match

Bella brings me her maths work and reports theres just one problem she cant figure out, can I help her? I look at it, have no clue what’s going on, and tell her, dont worry about that one, just leave it. Darren overhears me. Shocked. “Just leave it? What does that teach her? When theres… Continue reading Maths and Me dont Match


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