children, family conflict, sibling rivalry

I Kill You!

When I was nine years old, my little sister tried to kill me. She chased after me with the breadknife, the serrated one perfect for cutting hunks of steaming hot bread. Screaming, “Im going to kill you, I hate you, I hate you!” I locked myself in the bathroom and yelled back at her. “You stop that, you hear? Stop that at once, Im going to tell on you when mum and dad come home!”

Today I was reminded of this loooooong ago incident when my TWO year old daughter Bella chased her seven year old brother Zach out of the room. She was carrying a plastic Dora chair and screaming at the top of her quite substantial lungs – “I KILL YOU! I KILL YOU Zach!”

Dejavu? Poetic justice? History repeating itself? Or is my family DNA just slightly nutty?!