Lani Young is an international bestselling author of YA fantasy, contemporary romance and literary fiction. The 2018 Pacific Laureate, her work is inspired by the diverse mythology of Oceania and the richness of her cultural heritage as a Samoan/ Maori woman.

She is the author of the Telesā Series, the Telesā World books, the Scarlet Lies series, the Afakasi Woman collection, and the non-fiction book Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi. She’s also a writer of stories for children.

Born and raised in Samoa, she attended university in the USA and New Zealand before returning home to work as a high school English teacher. Her first book was published in 2010 and she became a full-time writer, blogger and columnist in 2013. She lives in Samoa and New Zealand with her husband and four children.


Lani’s Telesā novels are published and distributed in New Zealand and Australia by One Tree House Press NZ. For distribution and order inquiries, contact Christine Dale.