Simple Pleasures

I just have to rave about how amazing wireless internet is. Cos I just moved to Niusila and Im just a fob who only had dialup and now Im sitting on the sofa blogging on my laptop while JB is on FB at the exact same time on the desktop and I click on stuff and it flashes immediately and I upload pics and they go right away and how super duper kewl is that! (Yes Im a coconut derwit.) But how KEWL is that!

Oh and some other stuff Im totally lovin about being here:

* I can hang up laundry WITHOUT sweating like a pig and WITHOUT doing the leg flicking dance as i chase away flies and mosquitoes. I love doing laundry in Niusila.

* I can cook pasta, mince, make salad, bake GF bread and sweep and mop the kitchen floor WITHOUT sweating like a pig either.

* I can buy 4 cartons of strawberries for 5 dollars and then everyone gets to stuff themselves silly without putting me in debt.

* I can go for a jog around the block with Sade and not get barked at/chased/freaked out by a single dog. Oh – and then we can stop in at a bakery on the way and buy simply divine cream donuts filled with REAL cream (and not that fake crap in the shops back home.)

*I can take my GF girls to Foodtown and let them delight in the Gf aisle… And then come home and watch them eat Gf lamb mint sausages and soyamilke ice cream and strawberry sorbet ( for the first time) and have Bella exclaim “I LOVE it mama! I love New Zealand!”

But truly, I have fallen completely in love with wireless internet. We were destined to be together, we were made for each other.