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Its getting a little sticky around here.

I am not happy.

Today I was a super-wonderful wife and mother because along with general cleaning and other domestic duties – I cooked an amazing dinner. Creamy chicken rice casserole with mushrooms and for dessert, toffee date pudding.(otherwise known as Sticky Date pudding.) Its HRH’s favourite and we always used to have it when we had dinner at Paddles Restaurant back in Apia. Yummie!) Ive never made toffee date pudding before. I found the recipe online at ‘JOY OF BAKING’. And it was easy. And the final result was magical. Heavenly. Joy breathed in my kitchen.

And then HRH came home from work. Ate lots of chicken. And lots of dessert. Seconds and thirds of dessert.
Was he happy? No.
Did I get exuberant praise and glowing accolades? No.

Joy left the building.

Instead the man grumped at me. “what did you have to make that for?! Dont you know all this food is making me gain weight?!This whole family is eating too much food! Stop cooking food like this.” And then he stomped off to take a shower. Grumpily.

Ungrateful, undeserving pudding.

Tomorrow when he comes home from work, I shall hand him a can of herrings. Maybe even a stale poptart if Im feeling generous. And then I will smile sweetly and see if joy breathes in my kitchen. Dammnit.
Joy is – Toffee Date Pudding. Hot from the oven and sticky sweet.

2 thoughts on “Its getting a little sticky around here.”

  1. Thanks Lani for taking time to spread joy on my blog. You are very appreciated. It's a shame people can be so hurtful. That pudding looks amazing. I think maybe some canned herring might help the attitude of gratitude :D.Hugs,Kristen

  2. Hi Kristen – I was just about speechless 'seeing' you stop by SleeplessinSamoa! Thanks for the visit. Im learning heaps from your blog. And yes, defn hoping for some improved gratitude attitudes around here…lol.

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