Shut Up.

I’ve been muzzled. Gagged by technology. And its really ticking me off! For the past few weeks, every time I try to comment on someone else’s Blogger blog – the stupid Blogger site wont let me. I spend ages composing my deep and meaningful thoughts only to press submit and BAAM! It deletes it all and tells me ‘Sorry we cannot complete your request.’ Blogger.com I hate you. Theres so many things I want to saaaaaaay and I cant say them.

Like I read Chelle’s post on POLYNESIAN STORIES, titled ONE HOT MAMA about shopping with her husband and laughed, and laughed. Because I’ve been there too. And I wanted to tell her that I hope she still bought those capris and is totally flaunting those hot curves of hers! ( No matter what that man says.)

And I read UNDER THE COCONUT TREE’s post about making chocolate chip cookies with her daughter and smiled. And smiled. As i remembered the first time i tried baking with my own child. And I wanted to tell her that anyone with the patience to endure cooking with a child is a saint. And can i please come over and eat some cookies next time they bake?

And I read Kuaback’s post about her mum and it made me cry. And I wrote this long comment about how I too was soooooo mean to my mum when i was a teenager and now am so much more appreciative of her. (and then it got deleted…) Thank you for a beautiful read.

Over at LV’s blog Malae o le Talu I was amazed to read about super senior citizens and their athleticism and I wanted to tell LV that he always finds stuff that makes me think. And reflect. And now I have even more reason to get off my lazy butt and do some exercise. So I too can one day be a super granny at 90plus…

And from Wellington, RockFob shared some inspirational news of her own and I congratulated her on it and immediately stopped eating my 3rd piece of chocolate cake so I could hopefully, one day, post about losing some kgs myself. Big sigh…

So yes, theres a lot of stuff I wanted to say and now I feel slightly better having said it. To the faceless controllers of my blogging voice at Blogger.com i say…”Dammnit get this problem fixed! Pleeeeeeeease?!”

2 thoughts on “Shut Up.”

  1. I've been trying to comment on posts for WEEKS and have been rejected so I feel your pain! And yes, I bought the capris and wore them to a recent concert and guess who was impressed? Yup! The guy who DIDN'T want me to buy them. LOL!

  2. HI Chelle – yes doesnt it just drive u nuts when that blogger thing acts up like that. So glad you bought those capris – and totally know you rocked em! (I'm mentally making a disrespectful face at THAT GUY who didnt want you to buy them LOL)

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