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July Winners of the TELESA giveaway

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all those who participated in the discussion on “What Makes a Book Culturally Offensive?” Your thoughts went a long way to helping me make sense of my own concerns in this area as I look towards the launching of the TELESA series later this year. The winners of a sneak peek at the first three chapters of TELESA: The Covenant Keeper are –

*Jo An
*Lupe Smith

Please send me an email address and I will send out your chapters. (My fingers are crossed that you wont find them offensive in any way, shape of form. Rather, Im hoping and praying that you will fall in love with the characters immediately and begin dreaming up ways that you can hack into my computer and steal the rest of the book. Or stalk the printer and pilfer books as they roll of the printing line..Oh, and a reminder, I met Daniel first so that means I get to be slightly possessive of him…HE’S MINE! LOL)

5 thoughts on “July Winners of the TELESA giveaway”

  1. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway ladies and yes, I defn hope you do 'report back', here or anywhere else you would like to. ( fingers crossed that you like the chapters…should i send choc chip cookies to sweeten the reading?!)

  2. just finished reading the first three chapters of TELESA! (finally after a busy few days!. i got to sit down & enjoy some 'me' time). & loved every moment of it!. without a doubt = 5 gold stars!!. it was intriguing & interesting & everything a good novel should be. i was sooo in love with daniel. he definitely glistened straight off the page!. very captivating young man!. and of course leila – the slightly awkward, stubborn & raging tempered young woman with an "anger management problem". lol. surprisingly i found a lot of similarities in her personality & my own. overall i loved it. apart from the fact that i was sadly disappointed when it got to the end of the third chapter because i wanted to know what was going to happen next!. i am very excited to read the entire novel when it is released. πŸ™‚ & will be eagerly stalking your page in waiting. lol. thank you for sharing a sneak peak in TELESA!. i really enjoyed every minute i spent reading it!. jo_an πŸ™‚

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