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Six Sleepless Favorites

As 2011 wraps up, it’s that time of year when everybody and their donkey’s aunt starts compiling lists. Today marks the official anniversary of the Young and Restless Family’s move from Samoa to NZ. Daaayuum we made it! One year. Looking back over a year of blogging and more blogging, I realized that this blog has reflected a lot on our journey as we have tried to adjust to our new life in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Here’s six of my favorites.

1. Who’s the Idiot?  NZ has given us a lot of new experiences, from huge challenges to small ones. To seemingly mundane ones at the petrol station….In this post we meet the idiot dude who started off looking a lot like Ryan Reynolds. ( everyone sigh with me now) But by the end of my disastrous attempt to refuel our car, the service station attendant had become “the ugliest man I had ever seen.”

2. High School is a War Zone Earlier in the year I tried to get a real job as a secondary school English teacher. But times have changed in the field of education. You have to be tattooed from head to toe, have a black belt in Kendo or star as a cage fighter on the weekends – if you want to make it. I was never a martial arts advisor on Kill Bill so I didn’t end  up working as a teacher this year. Which in hindsight, was a good thing, because otherwise, I would never have had the time to finish writing TELESA – because I would have been too busy kicking Uma Thurman’s butt.
3. He’s Got Nuts Some of us tried new sports. Little Son Zach played rugby league and I gleefully embraced the visions of Sonny Bill Williams-type sporting glory for my son when the coach pronounced in awe, “Your son’s got balls. I mean nuts. I mean excuse my language, he’s tough.” Yes, yes, that’s wonderful, but how soon can I – oops, I mean- he- be friends with Sonny Bill?

4. Shakin my Bootie at the Market  When I lived in Samoa, I was rich. Or at least I was married to a really rich man and thus by osmosis, that made me rich. In NZ I am not rich. (Yes, that’s right, I’m married to a different man…still Hot but not rich. Is credit to Hot Man’s hotness that he can be poor and STILL be Hot.) So I tried my hand at being an entrepeneur, baking cinnamon rolls for the Saturday Market Fair. Ha. Quickest way to feel like a total waste of earth-space LOSER.

5.No Sex Allowed My biggest worry before we moved was whether or not our children would be able to adjust well. Would they make friends? Would they cope with new schools and more? Big Son quickly alleviated those fears when he met a most engaging young woman at school…and yes, the long-dreaded horror ocurred. My first-born, my 16yrd old baby, my precious darling…got himself a girlfriend. So what does a 21st century Samoan mother do when she meets her son’s girlfriend for the first time? She gets up close and personal.

6.The Journey to be prettier than all his Ex-Girlfriends put together. Begins with Cookies. For me, discovering life in NZ has been synonymous with discovering all the food that NZ has to offer. So I finally faced the fat facts and joined the gym. My fitness goals began as deliciously as they ended – with cookies. Now? I’m embracing my luscious self. In all its multi-layered lusciousness. Bring on 2012!

Thank you for hanging out with me on Sleepless in Samoa this year. What was YOUR favorite blogpost?! (and don’t you dare say the one about Jason Momoa’s tattoos. Because we are not allowed to talk about tattoos anymore on this blog!) Hoping you all have a blessed festive season with much fun, laughter and peace with your loved ones.

5 thoughts on “Six Sleepless Favorites”

  1. and what a year it has been. congrats on reaching the 1yr milestone in nz. hopefully your 2nd yr will be just as fabulous. oh and i don't think i could ever choose 1 favourite post because i simply love them all. and on a side note, for me.. 2011 will be remembered as the year i stumbled across sleepless-in-samoa and never looked back!. thank you lani for entertaining us week in week out!. bring on 2012!. oh and lastly..have a merry christmas!

  2. Hi Lani! I, too, am happy I arrived at your blog a few months ago. I don't remember how, but that doesn't matter now, does it? Love your writing and your sense of humor, etc. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2012!

  3. So hard to pick a favourite! I have just read your 'High school is a war zone' post (can't believe I missed that back in March). Thoroughly enjoyed that one. My other faves would have to be 'Shakin my bootie at the market' (and can I please get the recipe for those cinnamon pecan rolls please!)plus post Number 6 about your fitness goals and the gym experience. One post you haven't included but was one of the funniest posts in my humble opinion would have to be the one about getting your eyebrows done. That was priceless! Congrats on all your success this year and hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year's with your family.

  4. Thank you so much for your blog and the laughter I have had reading your posts.I dont have a favourite but I am glad to say that your blog has inspired me to read more this year. The books you have mentioned on the blog throughout the year had me going straight to Amazon and purchasing via Kindle and I have loved them all!!Hope you have a great Christmas this year with your loved ones and I am so looking forward to purchasing a hard copy of Telesa at Plantation House when I go to Samoa in Feb.

  5. Hi Lani, I bought your first book 2 yrs ago when at home(American Samoa). To this day I have read just 3 pages of it. I have 5 children as well and work a full time job and Ive yet to find time to myself. The hubby is the avid reader, he can finish a thick novel in a week. I don’t know how he does it and gets away with it. he loves reading on the toilet…lol…its his zen spot he said…I need to find my getaway soon or ill be going crazy. Wait, I think Ive passed that already. Anyways I promise I will read the whole first book soon. Give me maybe 3 months hopefuly sooner. Im loving your blogs..write on mama

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