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Fantasy Realization

Everybody has those daydream fantasies when you’re a kid growing up. No, not the ones where Han Solo knocks on your door and says, ‘I’ve been searching the galaxy for you, come let us fly away into hyperspace together…’ NO. I mean the fantasies where you think about what you want to be ‘when you grow up’ and then imagine the moments, the specific milestones that will indicate that yes, you’ve made it. Your dream really is coming true…

As a fanciful kid/teenager,  I used to daydream about being a real author and there were several different milestones that were included in those hazy fantasies. Like, Steven Spielberg calling to ask me if he could make a movie of my book and would I please allow his good friend Han Solo to whisk me away on a spaceship at hyperspeed? Another author daydream- walking into a bookstore and seeing my book on the shelf. (Harrison Ford’s glorious presence was optional for full fantasy realization.)  Or having real, live human beings wanting my signature on a book. ( I couldn’t decide then whether to sign Mrs Harrison Ford or to be Ms Wendt Ford…)

Another favorite daydream, would be when sitting in a (boring) English class or University lecture listening to a (boring) Professor drone on about some (boring) classic book…and thinking, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if one day students in a University somewhere, sat in a lecture about MY book? And hopefully it wouldnt be boring…’  Yes, that would definitely be a sign to me that I had MADE it as an author. Because even if the entire lecture theater hated the book to bits, the fact that my book would be considered decent enough to force literature students to read it…well that would almost be as cool as a hyperspace holiday with Han Solo.

Hyper-jump forward twenty years and one of my author daydreams has come true. Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh has included TELESA in a second stage Pacific Literature paper at Auckland University. In a few months, lit students will be forced to read my book. Forced to critically analyze and discuss Leila’s story (and Daniel’s glistening abs.) I am thrilled to bits with this news. Thank you so much Dr Selina. I am celebrating with Diet Coke and Doritos.

Now, just hanging out for that phone call from Steven….or Harrison Ford.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Realization”

  1. Congratulations! Your dream come true has now become another young college girl's dream come true…required reading that is the equivalent of being forced to read Twilight, or better! Lucky students! And for the record…Mr. Han Solo, Indiana Jones is HOT, even after all these years! πŸ˜‰

  2. Congrats Lani! I am 200% sure nobody in that class would be bored. Realizing long lived authoratic dreams is super amazing. Just don't dress up as a student to spy on the class okay?

  3. Yay for dreams come true!! I wouldn't mind critically analyzing Daniel… and the rest of the book…You're dreams coming true makes me feel better about mine πŸ˜€ (lol, that sounds so cliche. I guess there's no other way to say it!)I bet five packets of Doritos that Steven calls first…

  4. Thank you Delia – and Im glad Im not the only one who thinks Han Solo is THE MAN!Haha Lan you know me too did you guess that I was seriously contemplating HOW i could get myself into one of those classes SECRETLY?! Only, what would i do when the class began ripping my book to analytical shreds and hating every other page? I would burst into tears and totally ruin my disguise.Laura, I wish I could hyperspace backwards and be a student in an english lecture because I wouldnt mind critically analyzing Daniel either! LOL. Oh, throw in a dozen sugar donuts with those Doritos please! (Call meeeeeee Steven!)

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