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Tattoo Time: Digby Ioane

Last week, some super fabulous, super famous rugby players came out to support the Brisbane Launch of the Telesa book. It was great to have their vote of confidence for this fiery Pacific novel so of course, we should have one of them for our Tattoo Time Feature. Sometimes it’s a little tricky to find photos of the chosen  individual – that adequately highlights their tattoos. That was not a problem with this week’s feature, Digby Ioane. Rather the issue was trying to decide WHICH photos to choose. Digby  who’s been called ‘the Dark Angel of the rugby field’ is a NZ-born Samoan who plays professional rugby in Australia.

Twenty-six year old Digby was born in Wellington and moved to Australia when he was five. His gift for sports manifested early and he’s been making a powerful reputation for himself on the rugby field since he first represented Victoria in both rugby union and rugby league.He plays for the Queensland Reds and has been capped 11 times for the Wallabies. ( Australia’s National Rugby team – for those Americans who have no clue what “Wallabies” are. The animal or the rugby team.) Digby plays Wing/Outside Centre – which means absolutely nothing to me but that’s okay because this blogpost has nothing to do with rugby whatsoever. According to Wikipedia, Digby is 5ft 10in. According to me, this is very true because I’m 5ft 9 and I towered over Mr Ioane while standing next to him in my super high heeled shoes. (I will not tell you how heavy Digby is according to Wikipedia because then I would have to tell you how heavy I am. How scary that Wikipedia can tell the world your weight, IF you’re famous enough. Cross my heart and hope to die before I ever get unlucky enough to be famous and have a Wikipedia spy satellite invade my house when I’m next jumping on a scale.) Suffice it to say, that after taking one photo with Mr Ioane, I was desperate to get as far away from him as possible because it was making me feel very giantesque. In a Jolly Green Giant kinda way.

See what I mean? And he’s standing on a step ABOVE me in this one…
Right, on to the good stuff. Digby’s tattoos. He’s got buckets of them and not just Pacific ones either. There’s  angel wings on his back. Which gives sports columnists the chance to say ‘witty’ things like ‘Queensland playing on a wing and a prayer…’

He’s got an assortment of motifs and patterns on the rest of his body.

Including verses of scripture from the Bible on his side. (Yes, you’ll have to study that very closely to read all the words. Very closely. You wont want to miss any of those very important words.)

He’s got sleeve patterning tattoos on his left arm. One is of the “woman who means everything to me – my Mum. I’m a mummys boy and always have been so what better way to show that then to get a tatt of mum.” I like that. Too often rugby stars are in the news for beating up their wives, getting wasted and trashing bars, which is why its very refreshing to have those who are firmly grounded with a strong committment to their  family and culture.

Digby is a very versatile athlete. He’s at ease with ballerinas.

When his team wins, he does breakdance moves on the field. (If I’d known how interesting rugby had become, I might actually watch some games now and then. For the dancing entertainment.)

He’s a professional juggler.

Heck, he even swims.

He’s also known for being a hair style model. Please note the versatility of cutting edge styles that Mr Ioane is able to wear with style. And flair. (Note tattoo on side of neck.)

Mr Ioane has good taste in desserts.

And is great with children.

One more time for the tattoos…because this is supposed to be all about tattoos.

What impressed me about Digby though, is that, along with Quade Cooper – he was approachable, supportive of his friends, down-to-earth, friendly and patient with all the fans – AND he was happy to give up an evening to help promote a Samoan author with her first YA fantasy romance book.

Thank you Digby Ioane, Ezra Taylor and Quade Cooper for gallantly being ‘rugby players who are proud to support Pacific romance books like Telesa.…’ (And the tattoos aint bad either.)

5 thoughts on “Tattoo Time: Digby Ioane”

  1. Gosh I would love to make it out to one of your book launches! Absolutely love the Telesa series. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And Tattoo Time is always a good read. 😉

  2. Yummy! I mean… ahem… nice tattoos. wonderful post (as usual) Please oh please have a launch in DC? It can be just for me and little sis. I dont mind (Ha!) If only I knew other bloggers in the area 😦

  3. Oh and nice dress. You look gorgeous (as usual ) and not at all like a giant. He just looks short. even in his solo pics. He seems kind of compact.

  4. Thanks Sherry – i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go back to DC one day. Its been 20 yrs since i was there at school. There are lots of Samoans there…so maybe it can happen, LOL

  5. IT was a great night. The organizers were brilliant and the venue was pretty stunning too. Everyone enjoyed the opp to meet some super Tattoo Time folks…

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