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Who’s the Favoritest of them All?

I called up my Dad in Samoa the other day. I said, “Hi!”
He said, “Who’s this?”
I said, “It’s your favorite, most amazing, most splendidly talented daughter.”
He said, “Oh, Rebecca!”

He may as well have taken a butter knife and stabbed me in the heart with it. Thanks Dad. Thanks a lot.

(And you just know, that right now, my little sister is reading this blogpost and dancing a little dance and hi-fiveing her own awesomeness.) Now I have blogged about this before – the conundrum of favorites in a family. So you’ll already know that I’m from a family of six children and of those six, all four girls are ‘Dad’s favorite.’ And until now, I was positive that I’m the favoritest of them all. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the favoritest of us all? 

To his credit, my Dad did try to retract the butter knife. From my heart.

I said, “I can’t believe you said that. All these years, you told me I was your favorite daughter, your absolute bestest child. All my confidence in you as my Dad who loves me the mostest, has been dashed to pieces.”

He said, “No,no I meant to say Lani. Of course I did. You’re my favorite, most gifted daughter called Lani but your voice sounded like Rebecca’s on the phone and I didn’t want to upset her.”

Aaah, that’s what it is. My Dad is seventy-two years old and his hearing is a little shaky.

I know I’m still the favoritest. I don’t need to send out the Huntsman. I’ll just keep him right here with me, yay….

8 thoughts on “Who’s the Favoritest of them All?”

  1. Lol…. Awww…. My dad does the same… Ill call him saying hi dad, i love you… Follwed by him listing all my other sisters before getting it right eventually darling, i love you lmao… Even when this happens i know im his favourite cause im the OLDEST, his first born… The only child he loved for 3 years before the other lafumamoe arrived… Lol so i keep telling myself lmao… Love this post!!!

  2. Ha! I grew up in a 6 child family as well and dad always knows it's me calling because I'm the one who screams down the phone line. You gotta give yourself a distinctive phone voice so your dad knows who it is Lani 🙂

  3. Haha!!! My dad tries to be fair by saying me and my sis are both favorites in different ways. I'm still pretty sure I'm the top favorite. I mean come on. I was here 9 extra years while she was not even born! How can she compete with 9 years? She Cant!!! Ha!

  4. The oldest defn gets special claim to the title of 'favorite'. Reminds me of the time i complained to my mum, "Why didnt you guys stop after me? Why did you have to have these other kids!?"

  5. Good point Lan – or maybe a code password. I didnt know you were from a sixchild family as well. Do they all live close by? We're split up between Samoa, Cook Islands, Aust and NZ – but we still manage to 'disagree' ( aka fight and unfriend each other) online.

  6. You are absolutely right Sherre – she cannot compete with nine years. Our 'baby' sister in the family really rocks that 'youngest child' position for all its worth though. My Dad is always telling us 'its not easy to be the youngest in the family…' Nobody says, "its not easy to be the middle child in the family…' aaaagrh.

  7. My father has two bilogical daughters I am the youngest of them..hes admitted to me that I am the favourite(how lucky am I one would think) quite the opposite hes constantly on my back and super over protective lol my older sister gets away with almost anything do frankly I wish i was the least favourite of us haha he always makes statements about most parents loving the youngest starting to think being the youngest isnt all what its hyped up to be..sincerelyFavourite child.

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