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The Next Book Out Soon

I’m working to finish the Daniel novella in time for a Christmas release. One thing I love about writing Daniel? He’s got a sense of humor that Leila lacks and he can be WAY more fun to write… Here’s his take on the Jason’s hospital confesion scene from the first Telesa book.
                                                         Daniel Tahi Speaks.

By the time I get to the door of Jason’s room, Leila is standing by his bed. He’s awake. His eyes are  a brilliant blue. And they’re staring up at my girlfriend with undisguised joy. He’s not some washed out, frail palagi nerdy scientist anymore. No. He’s stronger, he’s smiling. And while I stand there in the doorway, he kisses her hand. WTF?! And then he speaks, “I wasn’t joking, Leila. They tell me I’ve been dying for the last three days. And trust me, I felt like it. But you know the one thing that kept me hanging on? The one thing I kept fighting for?”

 I know what the answer is before he says it. Because it would be my answer too if I were in his shoes. (Or in his hospital bed.) And it’s that realization which is the only thing stopping me from punching a hole in the wall right now. Oh yeah, and because its seriously uncool to beat up people when they’re recovering from knocking on death’s door.

 “You. And my promise to you.” I knew it. He’s crazy about her. And I just helped save his life. Just great.

 Leila’s crying. “Jason, no…”

 I want to get the hell out of there but I can’t. Im frozen in place because I want to know what she’s going to say. I need to know. Is this where she wakes up to the fact she’s crazy in love with this volcano man and his ocean eyes? Is this where she turns to me and says, sorry Daniel, I have to listen to my heart. And my heart is screaming Jason’s name?

 He’s still talking. Why can’t he shut up already? “No, please, let me finish. Let a critically ill dude speak. Please?”

 Yeah Leila, let him speak. We all want to hear this. Not.

 “Leila, you asked me to be your friend. And nothing else.” That was news to me. It’s good news right? I’m reeling here. Trying to stay upright but the world is determined to knock me over.  “And I am. But nearly dying does something to a person y’know? It makes him realize that life is short. And you have to grab at every moment, every happiness with both hands. Tight. And not let go.”

 I’m going to grab onto his neck. Tight. And not let go.

 “So yes, I’m your friend and I’m one hundred percent committed to helping you deal with your problem. But you gotta know…”

 Here it comes. Here it comes. Wait for it. Brace yourself. You must not beat up a sick man. You must not beat up a sick man in a hospital bed. You must not beat up a sick man…

 “I’m in love with you Leila.”

 There, he said it. Now I know what getting hit by a truck must feel like. I wonder if Leila knows I’m standing right here. And then I’m sure she knows. Because she tries to shut him up. “Jason, no, you don’t know what you’re saying. You’re sick. You need to rest. Listen to your nurses.”  She’s covering for him. Trying to salvage something from the wreckage. But what? My heart? My pride? Or his?

 For a critically ill dude, he sure is tough to shut up. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life. I’ve loved you from that first night you bewitched me with your fake bimbo-ness. And then when I watched over you as you slept during that storm, then I was sure.”

 You. Slept. With. Leila. (During a storm?!  Why a storm? What does a storm have to do with this?)

 The words hit me where I don’t want them to. Low. In the gut. Everybody in the room heard him. Leila heard him. The palagi friends heard him. The nurses heard him. ( They’re rolling their eyes at the love drama. Nurses at the Samoa National hospital are not known for their sensitivity or patience with people’s feelings.)  Everybody just heard him declare his undying love for my girlfriend. Everybody now knows that he’s been in love with her since forever. And oh yeah, by the way, they spent the night together too.

 I’m either the world’s dumbest boyfriend. Or this volcano scientist’s mind is seriously screwed up from telesa poison.

Daniel Tahi’s Novella will be released in time for Christmas 2012. Available in e-book format only from Amazon. This will be a companion book to the first Telesa book – The Covenant Keeper. Now is a good time to get your copy of the Telesa book, Amazon has it on .99cent sale for one week only. Telesa:The Covenant Keeper .99cent SALE  Gift an e-copy to friends and family so they can stop borrowing YOUR copy! lol.

11 thoughts on “The Next Book Out Soon”

  1. I am one of the nurses lol and yet I still got hooked on your books. Now being Daniel, I just want to PO(slap) both Leila and Jason. Obviously I am not Daniel that loves Leila but the reader that loves Daniel, who loves Leila, who I want to be slap and for her to be with Jason so I can be with Daniel.Ok, I will make up my own plot while I read lol

  2. Perfect Daniel is WAAAAY funnier than Leila. I LOVE this excerpt! Nurses at the Samoa National hospital are not known for their sensitivity or patience with people’s feelings. HAHA you got that right! Mum told me that they get pissed off when women in labour are too loud about their pain… they say stuff along the lines of "If you think you're woman enough to have sex, then you damn well be woman enough for birth". hahaha love it.Seriously, do we find out ANY imperfections from his novella?? Because Perfect Daniel is waaaaay too perfect. Although, I like my fictional men perfect. caaaaan't wait for this to be out! 😀

  3. Can't wai! Meanwhile, your series has introduced me to many things about Samoan life and culture! Thank goodness for YouTube… I've gotten a chance to view your interviews this way, and also the pictures of the gorgeously yummy rugby player who modeled Daniel on book cover! Thanks from a Sista in the USA!

  4. This is hilarious!I'm Filipino and we have a bit of similarities with regard to the Samoan culture, especially that bit about the nurses.Your book is quite entertaining and I look forward to this one. 🙂

  5. EEEEEEEEE!!!!! (that was me squealing in delight) I love it. I love every bit of it. I'm definitely going to buy it like the day it comes out. And my boyfriend is buying me the new kindle for christmas too so I can read it on there. Thanks so much for this super duper christmas present. Oh and by the way, my birthday is January 18th. If you just happen to feel like, you know, releasing the next book in the series early, like before my bday, I wont be upset or anything 😉

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