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The Cable Guy Got Me All Excited!

We needed something done to our cable connection. I called the SKY office and they sent round a very nice young man to do it. He was  friendly, helpful and efficient – and quickly worked his magic on the cable connection. He was also white (think blonde n blue-eyed) and did I mention that he was male? In other words – nothing like the (stereotypical) demographic audience for my TELESA books (think female and most usually brown.)

He was all packed up and ready to go – then paused,  ‘One more thing please.’ I said, ‘yes?’ He said, ‘When is the next Telesa book coming out?

It’s safe to say my jaw dropped. “Excuse me?” Is this a trick question? Is this a joke? Did my kids set you up to say this because they’re dying to make fun of me? Because they’re always scoffing that nobody ever reads my books?

But no, the Cable Guy wasn’t kidding! He really wanted to know when my slack self was going to stop watching so much cable be done with the next book.  But not for him, he rushed to assure me. For the women back in his office.

Wow. Flabbergast me. But my children were even more shocked. “A random person wants to know when our mother’s books is going to be ready? The Sky TV man? A palagi Sky TV man?! Get outta here, no way!” They looked at me with new eyes. Maybe, just maybe their mother wasn’t just their annoying mother. Maybe, just maybe she was actually a REAL bona-fide author with books that REAL bona-fide people in the REAL world had heard of.

It’s a wonderful thing when your children are amazed by you. And a very rare thing the older they get. Big Son for example, used to think I was an all-knowing, all-seeing oracle of wisdom and wonderfulness. Whereas now, I am more often a source of irritation and amusement/mockery…

So, to the nice cable guy and the FANTABULOUS team at Sky TV NZ – thank you for lighting up my life just a little bit. Because of you, the Fab5 are giving me the teensiest bit more respect.

13 thoughts on “The Cable Guy Got Me All Excited!”

  1. You would think respect comes with the territory of most awesome mum right? lol Everything on top of that is a bonus like being a famous author making a difference to the literary world but especially for our poly readers. You would think right? hahaha Oh the world of fictional superheroes does not accurately reflect the reality of the most unsung heroes everrrrrr…Mothers +

    1. Actually Laura, I think the very nice Sky man got harassed and bullied into asking me the golden question by some very firm and feisty Samoan women in his office! lol

  2. OMG I totally love this story. I think if something like this had happened to me I would have cried a bit and turned into a blubbering fool as I offered to give him and everyone else hugs…

  3. Now that is pretty damn Awesome! Way to go Lani and woohoo to the palagi Sky cable guy and all his lady friends back in the office! =)

    1. It was coolness sublime! lol Now if i can only get policeman to be avid Telesa readers then I wont be so nervous about my horrible driving and parking skills…

  4. Yep – I would have hugged him too! 🙂 How thrilling!! Believe me, Lani – THIS palagi girl thinks you’re pretty fabulous too 🙂

  5. Wohoo, yes he was harrassed by us lol, Thanks Lani for your awesome stories, they keep us very entertained @ work :)…….and just for the hell of it, ive shown this blog to the Lovely Tech and he is absolutely overwhelmed that you wrote about him, he’s even printed it out and placed on our “wall of compliments” we have for our technicians. You are world Famous @ Sky TV too 🙂

  6. FINALLY, I can read your blog posts at work again…. they block blogspot at work… LOL
    Read this one first and I’ve missed reading your work!!! Can’t wait for the last book of the trilogy just as all the ladies at TVNZ & your MANY MANY followers (WORLDWIDE)!!! CANNOT WAIT!!! I really need to get my A into gear and get me a paper copy of Daniel’s novella, going blind squinting at my phone screen.

    Hope all is well… 🙂
    Alice & Brisbane Telesa Committee 🙂

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