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I Found Love Online!

We all know I’m a hermit with meagre social skills – which is why the internet is such a gift. I can be as isolated as I like, revel in all the unassigned air in my extended personal space AND still chat, laugh, commiserate, rant, rave and rejoice with people. But what happens when you meet these friends in person?  What if they turn out to be complete weirdos? Nutty nitwits? Worse yet, what if they meet YOU and figure out you’re not witty, engaging and insightful? That you’ve been misleading them all along? Aaaaaaargh!

These were the worries/questions/concerns that plagued me as I came to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.  What if the online awesomeness of my online friendships did not match with the reality?

Abbi Glines, hot NA author, was the first to arrive in  KC and right away, she ‘had me at hello’ with her Alabama accent. I could listen to Abbi talk all day, and not just because she’s hilarious. She’s hilarious in Alabama-speak as well. But it wasn’t until I heard her tell of the time some random woman made the mistake of sitting on her husband’s lap that I knew – blonde hair and blue eyes or not, this woman would fit right in with my feisty, fierce Samoan sisterhood! “This woman just sat down in his lap and said to me, ‘What’s the matter, aahm only playin.’ And ahh said, that’s not how we play in Alabama. Hell, no. We know better. Aint nobody better be dumb enough to sit in mah husband’s lap!’

Over the next few days, I met up with more of my online author friends. One of them zipped to RT on their own plane piloted by their super clever pilot husband. (so envious of Jamie McGuire because it took me over 24 hours of flying and waiting in airports to get to RT.  Some of them overcame drama to make it to RT… Steph Campbell was at an airport where a man with a gun took on police and ended up shooting himself. And there were prisoners being transported on her plane, shuffling by in the aisle with their cuffs. Elizabeth Reyes wasn’t supposed to come to RT but then her super husband encouraged her to go at the very last minute so she dashed through traffic, security and ticketing craziness. Erika (aka E. L James) initially checked in under a ‘different’ name and had to skulk through the crowds so she wouldn’t get mobbed. Angie Stanton and Tracey Garvis-Graves drove alllllll day to get to RT. So did Jillian Dodd. Then unexpected snow made some of them stay a bit longer than they’d planned to. Tammara Webber even came to RT and wrote through most of it because she had a publisher deadline to keep.

I spent five days going to workshops, writing classes, author panels and industry seminars. I also spent five days and nights laughing too much, Eating too much. Drinking too much Diet Coke. Talking way too much. – With women who all know the challenges associated with trying to balance writing, publishing, raising a family and negotiating a marriage/partnership. Elizabeth Hunter made sure I tried ‘biscuits’ gravy’ for breakfast. (I am now a convert and seeking recipes to make it myself.) Killian McRae was the nicest roommate a Samoan girl on her first trip to Missouri could ever have. Nicole Williams and her gorgeous little girl had me missing Bella heaps and wishing I could have afforded to drag my Fab5 halfway round the world with me. Tina Reber was the efficient organizer who ensured we all went to nice restaurants for dinner and they all had enough wine for the late night chat-fests.

It was a week of not much sleep where we hijacked Erika’s stunning and spacious suite  – and then made way too much noise so there were complaints made to hotel management. (Yeah, that’s right, I drank too much Diet Coke and partied too loud in E.L James hotel room so we all had to leave and skulk down to hang out in the lobby instead… how many girls from Lefaga can say that?…okay, it sounds waaay more badass then it was…we talked about children, spouses and stalkers. And we made a video for Colleen Hoover.  Then on the way downstairs at 11pm, we bumped into the CEO for Amazon Publishing, Larry Kirshbaum who wanted to talk to the superstar authors about very important stuff, so the rest of us couldn’t be loud and obnoxious anymore.)

Overall, I can confirm that yes, it is possible to fall in love online – and then meet them in person and still think they are cool, funny and fabulous. A lot of this author thing is sitting in a cave making stuff up. I like it that way. But once in awhile it is very cool to get out and about and connect with OTHER hermits who have ventured forth from their caves too. And anybody who ever thought all writers are very shy, reserved and/or boring people – really needs to go to a Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. Some of those people are eyebrow-raisers.

And now, I have twelve months to save my pennies so I can go to next year’s RT Convention. OR maybe I can turn forty AGAIN and the Hot Man will give me another America trip for my birthday! (one can live in hope)

2013-05-04 00.00.37
Authors don’t sleep much, right Angie Stanton?
Erika has this habit of cracking a joke RIGHT at photo-time.
Confessions: I was worried about meeting Jamie McGuire cos she’s such a bada** online. And I was right. She is a bada** – a really funny, laid-back bada**.
2013-05-01 09.28.25
Our passport to RT adventure.
2013-04-28 17.34.17
I wasn’t impressed with the Los Angeles Airport. Or how long I had to sit around in it waiting for delayed flights.
2013-05-04 20.01.29
You get lots of free stuff at RT. I gave all mine away cos I couldn’t fly it all home.
2013-04-30 21.13.30
Missouri is famous for its BBQ. I can vouch for its deliciousness.
2013-04-29 16.25.06
You know you’re at a Romance Book Convention when THIS is your hotel room key
2013-05-01 11.24.20
A fiery little piece of Samoa displayed at the convention.
2013-05-02 11.10.20
My fangirl moment – meeting the husband n wife writing team, Ilona Andrews. Can I just fall down on the ground in awe! I went to their workshop on Writing Fight Scenes. They’re funny and you can totally ‘hear’ where Curran’s character comes from when you listen to them. Love their work.
2013-05-02 14.32.47
Many people attended the Convention in costume. Fun stuff. I totally need to take some Samoan taupou gear for the next one…
2013-05-03 01.40.06
I gave everyone lavalava’s as gifts from Samoa. Abbi Glines models her with style.
2013-05-02 21.16.12
With Steph Campbell and Elizabeth Reyes – How could such elegant women possibly be the ruckus-makers who hotel guests complain about an hour later?! …
2013-05-04 19.29.48
I was very impressed with the chocolate fountain for dipping bacon (huh?!), marshmallows, potato chips (say what?!) and fruit into. – but then we all know I am always easily impressed by food.
2013-05-01 21.17.08
I did mention the food, right? Seafood on Italian restaurant night.
2013-05-01 15.59.51
Yay, I finally get to meet Jillian Dodd in person! And the famous Fred from Bookaholics Anonymous and author Bonnie Burgess.
2013-04-30 19.45.42
With Elizabeth Hunter and Killian McRae, waitin for the BBQ.
2013-05-04 21.38.27
The Sheraton. Scene of the RT crime.
2013-05-05 15.50.42
I even got to visit with some of the Samoan community in Independence, Missouri – a pleasure to spend time with the Malaeulu family and friends. Thank you for all your book support.
2013-05-04 11.16.14
I went to the massive Book Expo and stalked my fave authors.
2013-05-04 11.23.32
I stood in line to meet one of Big Daughter’s favourite authors, Veronica Roth.
2013-05-04 11.50.21
And got books signed for Big Daughter.
2013-04-29 15.18.10
I appreciated the lovely weather in Kansas City when I arrived.
2013-05-02 16.09.43
But got super excited about the snow on day four. I mean, where else can you wear shorts one day and then make snowballs the next?

5 thoughts on “I Found Love Online!”

  1. Lani…its Deb (Angies friend). We met at RT. I hope your flight home and that “re-entry” back to the real world was smooth. I was happy to have met you and hope we meet again sometime! DEB

  2. Mahalo for sharing your story and pictures of new found “author” friends

  3. The convention sounds so interesting! I’m Rachel by the way. I just finished the 1st book of your Telesa Triliogy and I am HOOKED!!! You have earned yourself another DieHardFan!!! As countless friends referred your book to me they referenced it as the “Samoan Twilight” I had to laugh at the end of book 1 because I thought to myself “this book is way better than Twilight” lol although I am a big fan of twilight as well Your book had a greater effect on my imagination. I was able to connect with yours on a personal level because of my culture. Although I am American Samoan and have never been to Samoa I could just imagine everything so clearly as if I have been there before. I am so excited to read more of your books/blogs just wanted to say you are very inspiring and hope one day you will be able to come visit my hometown:) what will it take to get you(the hermit) hehehe to Alaska??? You have a huge community of fans here. Anyway I hope all is well with you!!! Stay blessed.

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