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Taking Your Clothes Off


I’ve been kind of quiet on the writing front because I’ve been working on three different projects and unsure which one was going to be done first and ready to release. I’m thrilled to tell you that one story has basically got me falling in love and if all goes well – this next book will be out in the next few months. This novel doesn’t have a title yet but it’s a blend of contemporary romance and women’s literature, and most definitely NOT for children or young teenagers. So, no it’s not a TELESA Series novel. (That’s coming later in the year, I promise.) I’m having a lot of fun writing this one because  I can identify with the characters in very different ways from TELESA. There’s a strong brown female lead (of course), she’s got a sarcastic witty way with words (which means I’m laughing a lot as I write her scenes) and she struggles with very complex relationships with her very opinionated, very dysfunctional family. She’s in her mid twenties and goes to Samoa for her little sister’s wedding…which leads to all kinds of drama. This novel is giving me the opportunity to explore conflicted sibling relationships, the dynamics of sisterhood, AND all the wacky wonderful ways that we Polynesians organize our gigantic (nightmare) weddings. And, because it’s a love story…of course, there’s a hot male lead. Or two. Or three. (This character has me brown-girl-blushing when I write some of his scenes..) Anyway, enough already. I just wanted to share because I’m excited about this next book. And I haven’t felt this way about my writing in a long time.

A piece:

The parking lot is crammed with cars. But no people. I’ve chosen my time well. They’re serving dinner and nobody in their right mind would be missing out on their chance to attack the feast on array. The night air is a welcome relief from the sticky confines of the crowded hall and I take a moment to breathe.

Aaargh, my feet are dying in these stupid shoes. And the fat squeezer is impeding my circulation in horrible ways. I throw a cautious look over my shoulder. No-one’s around. I slip my shoes off and hobble over to stand on the grass, wriggling my toes in the cool wet greenness. Now for the torture girdle. I move into the shadows, put my hand up under my dress, a squirm, a wriggle and then an unpeeling of Spanx, down…down. The greedy fabric doesn’t want to let go of my fat folds and it hurts to drag it down my legs and step out of it. A quiet exult, “Yes! Free at last.”

“Isn’t that my job?”

His quiet voice from somewhere behind me has me leaping a few feet into the air with a muffled shriek. “What the freakin’ hell are you doing, creeping up on people like that?!”

He’s standing there with his hands in his pockets, moonlight glinting on the silver grey elei shirt. And the gleam of his smile. He’s laughing at me. I want to scream at him again but I remember I’m holding a crumpled piece of spandex. I quickly hide it behind me. “What are you talking about?”

He walks closer and I back away, bump into a tree. Can’t move any further. Dammit. He’s standing right in front of me now. Close. Too close. I’m breathing heavily and trying to stop my guilty chest from heaving up and down in such an obvious fashion. This close and he smells delicious. Doesn’t this man ever smell bad? Why just for once, can’t he stink? Of stale BO? Garlic? Onions? Old socks? Cigarettes? Please…And then he brings one hand up to lightly brush loose strands of hair away from the side of my face and I can’t think about smelly things anymore.

Because all I can think about – is him. Everywhere, all over me.

He leans in to whisper in that raspy tone which sends delicious shivers through me, “Taking your clothes off. Isn’t that my job?”

14 thoughts on “Taking Your Clothes Off”

  1. OMG!! I cant wait already….the big samoan weddings thats gonna be a laugh and a half…sounds like my life (10 maid of honour roles lmaooo) with the colourful weddings I’ve been in lol and the sibling rivalry and family opinions about the ‘single one’s” life…oh this is a must read and i cannot wait. Happy writing Lani

    1. TEN Maid of Honor roles?! Daaayuuum girl, I need to come interview you for research purposes. I’ve never been a bridesmaid at anybody’s wedding #sadface. (I got no friends LOL) Yes, most defn so much drama and humor in our Samoan weddings…

  2. Oh dayuum… totally just melted from his one sentence. I can tell he is going to be added to my fictional bf list (which is already quite long – yeap im a slut). Cannot wait to read your next masterpiece lani. Happy writing!

  3. W-O-W! never been this excited to read…EVER! Anxiously awaiting to read my big fat samoan wedding lol

  4. 🙂 sooooo looking forward to this one Lani. Stay blessed and continue to share them writing skills :):)

  5. OMG!! The last part of this “piece” when he whispers, “Taking your clothes off. Isn’t that my job?” is making my body shiver with excitement LOL!! I’m excited already to read this book and it’s not good because I want to read it NOW!!! lol…OMG OMG OMG!! I’m going to wait patiently for this one 🙂 Love it love it love it!!

  6. Hi Lani-
    I have really enjoyed your Telesa series–partly because I love the development and color you give to all of your characters, and partly because I love reading about the cultures and peoples of the islands throughout the Pacific. I’m a transplanted state-sider who has lived on Guam for than two decades. There is so much uniqueness and yet so much similarity between the islanders. Just as there is in people all over the world: family, values, traditions, beliefs (to include myths and superstitions) and interaction with their neighbors and outsiders. Through you I also found a book entitled “The leave of the Banyan Tree,” by Albert Wendt. His writings about the Samoan culture was set in the time before WW2 and yours is of a more modern time and reflects a greater influence of Western culture. You may have discussed this before, but I just have to ask. Is he your father or a close relative?

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