rejoice in the diversity of our sisterhood: a Samoan mormon feminist voice on ordain women

I wrote a guest post for the Young Mormon Feminist site sharing my views and concerns regarding gender issues within the LDS church, specific to my experiences as a Samoan woman living in Samoa and NZ. You can read it here.

Young Mormon Feminists

by Lani Wendt Young



I was driving home from church one Sunday, when I saw a couple dressed in church clothes, having an altercation by the roadside. The man was shouting, dragging the woman ( his wife?) by the hair with one hand.  With the other he held his scriptures and was using them to beat her around the face and head as she cowered and struggled. Two small children stood to the side, crying.

It’s been a long time now, but that’s an image I have never forgotten. The symbolism brutally obvious. A man using the weight of scripture and religious authority to subdue a woman.


My name is…

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