Zombies in Samoa?

Iva wondered a lot about the woman who had bitten her. Did Dora wake up that morning and feel sick? Dizzy? Breathless? Did she make breakfast for her husband and feel the gnawing of a hunger for human flesh? Was she walking past him and then lose it in an instant, leap and bite? Or did the change creep up on her slowly? Was she still herself somewhere inside her mind that day? The woman who was vigilant about cooking food for her husband, who laughed at all his jokes even when he shared the same ones many times over, who told him every Sunday how handsome he looked in his white shirt and ie faitaga, who always held his hand during the sermon? Did Dora know what her body was doing when it killed her husband? Did the virus change her brain entirely? Or was there still some little piece that retained the essence of herself, a piece that screamed and fought to resist as she feasted on his entrails?

It was the question Iva asked herself every day – When I Change, will I know?


The virus has breached the island’s borders. Paradise has fallen. The apocalypse is here.

A thrilling apocalyptic novel from the author of the bestselling Telesā Series.

From reclusive librarian to warrior guardian. Iva must safeguard her two nieces as Samoa battles a mutant variant of the deadly virus that’s raging across the world. It transforms people into savage creatures beyond all hope. She’s afraid, but determined to get the children through hordes of the infected to an emergency evacuation plane. It’s a race against time though as the variant rampages through her own veins. Can she fight off the Change for long enough so they all survive?

I’m excited for you to read my next book that releases on August 30th. A brand new genre for me to leap into, MATA OTI is an apocalyptic novel set in contemporary Samoa. You can pre-order it on Amazon here: