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Adventures of a Watergirl

I went to Samoa in the weekend to support the Hot Man in his first ever Half-Ironman - as his watergirl. I got there late Friday night and couldn't sleep because I was so nervous about his event. Major freaking out as I ruminated over the 101 things that could possibly go wrong as my… Continue reading Adventures of a Watergirl

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I am an Athletic Legend. Truly. Don’t Laugh.

Yesterday was an amazing day. Memorable. Earth-shattering. The first of it's kind. I'm still trying to come down out of the nethersphere of delight and actually walk on earth. I went to the Princess' class to get something from the teacher. Two little boys came up to me and asked, (with bated breath), "Are you… Continue reading I am an Athletic Legend. Truly. Don’t Laugh.

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Why Opposites Attract

In Year 8 at school athletics - I was the "fastest girl in Blue House". Then we had the 100m competition and i ran reeeeeallly reeeeaaaaallly fast. And came last. Conclusion? I am not a natural born runner.In Year 9 at school - I played Wing Defence on the netball team. Or at least I… Continue reading Why Opposites Attract