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Hungry for Men.

(Okay – now that blog post title was TOTALLY ripped off from a Sean Kingston song and TOTALLY designed to pique your scandalous interest…did it work?!)

I am currently working on a book. Its a thriller/romance set in Samoa with overtones of supernatural weirdness. Writing a book is VERY hard work – especially when you’re trying to put the male lead into words. One finds one’s self searching for inspiration everywhere…considering the finer merits of various specimens – like

This one.

And a bit of this one.

Maybe some of this one.

But then theres always some of this example.

And of course there’s always a sprinkle of this.

But i gotta say, the BEST inspiration for romantic male leads has got to be this guy…the one I wake up with every morning…when i can catch him, that is – as he runs past…

And runs past again…

Yep, even with his eyes shut, the man is TOTAL romantic male lead material.

              Which is probably why I married him seventeen years ago.

Now thats enough cotton candy procrastinating. I’ve got to get back to work. Or else this romance thriller novel will forever remain a figment of my imagination.

2 thoughts on “Hungry for Men.”

  1. I don't know aye..we the readers reserve the right to assess that HRH is right for the role, ie: he'll need to be in a short ie lavalava and carrying a avega popo and posing like the Rock up there….only then will we give our blessing. lol….keep up the writing Lani…that'll be a nice xmas pressie idea for 2011.good luck

  2. I hear you readers…but i dont think i can find a way to wrangle this man into posing with a skimpy ie and leaning nonchalantly against a popo tree…There are limits to my powers of persuasion unfortunately!

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