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The Impossibly Hot (Imaginary) Man

The problem with creating fictional people and then writing a novel about them - is that you start to believe in them. You have chats with them in your head. You feel what they're feeling and spend an inordinate amount of time musing upon what choices they're going to make that day. In your novel.… Continue reading The Impossibly Hot (Imaginary) Man

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Get Naked… Or not.

There's one thing I really admire about people who are not brown. (ie. white people. ie. People who didnt grow up in the same country I did.) Their ability to wear swimsuits. Regardless of their age, size, shape or bountifulness. MOST people who grew up in the same country I did, wouldnt be caught dead in a… Continue reading Get Naked… Or not.

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My Father’s Heart

Tomorrow my father's chest will be sliced open. His chest bone will be sawed apart with a very loud drilling machine. He will be hooked up to a heart and lung machine that will live for him for the three to five hours that it takes for the surgeons to sew four 'new' veins to… Continue reading My Father’s Heart

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Hungry for Men.

(Okay - now that blog post title was TOTALLY ripped off from a Sean Kingston song and TOTALLY designed to pique your scandalous interest...did it work?!)I am currently working on a book. Its a thriller/romance set in Samoa with overtones of supernatural weirdness. Writing a book is VERY hard work - especially when you're trying… Continue reading Hungry for Men.