Swimming hot for handcuffs.

HRH wants to be a policeman. I think he would make an incredibly hot policeman. (The uniform, the shiny sirens, the handcuffs…yep. Defn hot.) Oh, and of course I think he would make an incredibly good policeman. He’s crazy smart, loves helping people, he’s strong and brave ( he’s married to me so actually his courage goes without saying.) He’s athletic, calm under pressure and knows how to manage the most stressful of situations.

The first step to joining the NZ Police Force is to attend a Recruitment Seminar. Where they tell you all about how hard it is to get in. And how demanding the job can be. (No wonder there’s a shortage of police. They’re scaring them all away before they even get in the door.) They tell you about the tests you have to pass. And they tell you, that even if you pass the tests, you then have to ride shotgun with police patrol for a few days. So you can really get a feel for what its like. “This is when a lot of people realize they cant hack it. They get called to a road accident and have to see some terrible stuff. The blood on the road…They have to go to the morgue and see dead people. A lot of people quit then.”

HRH was unperturbed. Since he’s already had to do things like rush dying people to hospital. Clean blood off his shoes and out of his car. And hes had to watch super gruesome stuff – like see his wife get carved up three times all in the name of motherhood. Yep, HRH was not phased. But there are many challenges to overcome before one can even apply to get into Police College.

A few weeks ago, HRH took on the first one. The Swimming Proficiency test.He rocked on up to the test pool and the instructor asked him, “Have you taken the test before?” No. “Have you been training for the test?” No. “Are you stupid?!” Okay I made that last one up.But thats what the instructors face looked like. The disbelieving man took HRH and pointed out a group of 6 others who were all frantically swimming laps. “You see those guys over there? They’ve been training to take the swim test. For the last 3 months. Are you sure you want to do this?”

Yes, HRH was sure.

He took the test. And all the guys in training stopped their laps to come and watch. HRH swam. He dived. He tread water. He rescued a brick and swam it on his chest to safety. And passed the test with flying colors.And the instructor shook his head. In disgust probably. But when HRH told him he’d “done a couple of triathlons and run a few marathons” then it all became clear. He was dealing with a fitness freak. (Ugh, dont you just hate those?)

So, rejoice rejoice, HRH is one giant step closer to bringing home the handcuffs!

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