Dangerous Kisses

We avoided it for 3 yrs but its finally happened. The plague got us.

That man who lives in the same house as me, came home 5 days ago from New Zealand. We did not yet know he had covid, so I confess that I kissed him heaps. Which was reckless I admit (In my defence, something about not seeing your man for a week makes you want to jump them. This is why countries have forced quarantine. For exactly this reason. But also, have you SEEN this man?! He’s a bit delicious y’know. #irresistible )

The next day, we go for a sunrise run on the seawall (very romantic but in a sweaty, exhausted way). He feels terrible after. Which is odd because I’m the one who usually feels awful after a run. He does a Covid test. Positive. We condemn him to isolation, disinfect all surfaces.

But is it too late for the fia-jump-him wife?! Has he infected her already?
*cue dramatic music*.

Day 2 of his isolation and he’s feverish, coughing, sniffling, generally miserable. Locked in a room with lots of meds, Netflix, juice, tissues, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and I’m making him lots of #getwell food. Like pineapple pudding cake. (But definitely no more kisses for you dammit!) I’m worried about him. He’s going to be okay, right?
My test is negative. So far.

Day 3. He’s still sick but sick of being sick. Hates isolation. He wants to mow the lawn. Go to work. Go running. But of course he can’t. Unlike his hermit wife, the poor man HATES being in the room all day. I read him articles about long covid. (thru the shut door) Ok, I may have SHOUTED a little bit as I read them. All the reasons why he MUST REST DAMMIT. NO YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! REST AND LIKE IT. I have to eat some pineapple pudding cake to calm myself down. It’s not easy being the tausi ma’i. Especially when the sick person is an Ironman athlete and superman machine. My test is negative. But I’m feeling really hot. Do I have a fever? Or is it those damn hot flashes again!?

Day 4. Never mind the sick husband updates. MY THROAT HURTS. I COUGHED. A FEW TIMES. #AllAboutMe
I feel a bit rubbish. But my test is still negative. Bella says helpfully – “Maybe you’re so anxious about covid that you’re making your own self sick?” (why is she so fiabotz to me?!) Oh, and yes Darren is fine. Still sick but getting better.

I go to the kitchen and finish the last piece of pineapple cake. #allMine Because if I do have covid, then I might lose my sense of taste so this could be the last time I enjoy cake? What else should I eat to help me thru these difficult times…

Day 5 today. Darren says he thinks hes heaps better. But he walks up the stairs and is so breathless that he has to sit down. Its troubling to see an Ironman this shaky. I tell him to GO BACK TO BED AT ONCE! I feel guilty for eating all the cake. I must go look at TikTok for fab new recipes to make for him. maybe a chocolate cake? A coconut pie? But I also still have a sore throat and a cough. So before I consult with the dessert TikTok, I do a Covid test. Positive. Dammit!

So now we both have covid. 😡 Which is not nice. But more importantly, theres no cake left in the house. And THAT is a catastrophe.

What do we learn from this?

  1. Always covid test after travelling.
  2. Dont kiss anybody if they have covid. If your partner is very delicious, DONT EVEN LOOK AT THEM until they do a test. Just in case you are overwhelmed.
  3. Always make extra cake for emergencies.

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