Bad Boys always win.

This picture is here just because. Please note its the very first Twilight related pic Ive put on this blog…(huge admiration for my self restraint there!)

I like to chat with the Princess about boys. Since she does notice them. Just laying the foundations for when shes a teenager and on a hormonal rampage – i want her to be used to talking to her mum about the opposite sex.

Today I asked her – Whos the nicest boy at school?
She said – A boy in my class called Mark. (Names have been changed to prevent me from getting sued.)
I said – Oh, why is he so nice?
She detailed all the reasons why hes a nice boy. – Including but not limited to, ‘he’s kind, he plays with us, he talks nicely, he’s not silly, he’s clever and we do our maths together…etc
I asked – So do you LIKE any boys at school?
She said – Yes, I like a boy in Rm Ten called Logan.
I asked – Why do you like him?
She said – Because he’s got really blue eyes, blonde hair and he runs really fast at sports and he’s so cool.
I said – Oh, how come you dont like the nice boy Mark?
She said – Because hes kind of a little bit ugly. I mean, I dont be mean to him or anything but hes not as handsome as Logan. And hes not as fun as Logan.

And there you have it. Even a nine year old is guilty of it. Choosing bad ‘cool’ boys over NICE ones.

Ouch. Nice guys finish last. Even in primary school.