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The Definition of Productivity

Today I defined productivity.

*36 pancakes made and now hibernating in the freezer, ready for children to zap in the microwave for a quick breakfast. (Not to mention, a healthy breakfast -homemade with LOVE dammnit)

*24 bacon cheese onion scones. Made specially for the teenage son who complains “There’s never anything to eat in this house!” And so he detoured to Wendy’s yesterday on the way home from school. To blow his entire week’s allowance on a burger and fries.

*24 Oatmeal Raisin scones. NOT made for the ungrateful demon child who insists on picking out every single raisin in every single thing i bake. Making a huge crumbly mess. And then eating the removed raisins…after.

*One tray of Hersheys Chocolate Chewy Brownies. Made for the lustful and sinful. In other words, me. But I am planning on sharing. With those who are deserving and those who are adoring of me. (Are there any people like that living in my house? Yoohoo? anybody here?)

*One pot of sausage bacon stew. With tomatoes, carrots and illegal amounts of herbs and seasoning. To eat with hot bread rolls fresh from the oven. For dinner on this wet, windy and stormy day.

I am filled with self-satisfaction as I gaze upon it all. I’m just so industrious and clever that I can hardly stand myself! Yes, I defined productivity today.

Never mind that I also defined writer’s procrastination. Honestly, these children are just so lucky to have a mother who’s trying to write another book. Otherwise, they’d be eating a can of tuna for dinner again.

2 thoughts on “The Definition of Productivity”

  1. You rock Lani! Is there anything you can't do? Your productivity and creativity put me to shame but at the same time inspires me to go through my pantry and use up ingredients to bake stuff to put in the freezer. I ordered a copy of Galu Afi for our school library – you did an amazing job with that. Look forward to your next book!

  2. Thank you! Always appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately there are FAR too many things that I CANT do…(as my children would tell you. Like, I can't breakdance like their dad, or assemble a swingset, so therefore i am hugely uncool and vaguely useless!) I hope your students check out 'Pacific Tsunami', and find something useful in it.

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