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People that make me laugh, cry and just think.

So I do a lot of blog hopping. And lurking. Some of my fave blogsites are those where people chart their journeys through the crazy world of parenting. Ones that either make me laugh, cringe sympathetically, or get rejuvenated to keep plodding along on my own mad mother road. I appreciate good writers who take the time to inspire me with tales of their own parenting journeys. I wanted to spotlight three of them and encourage you all to check them out – if you havent already!

1.LE FOLAUGA : Seti Matua. This blog is an oddity because I confess, Seti is one of a sparse few bloggers that i follow who is a man. A dude. A guy. Now, I dont know if its because most men are horrible bloggers or because I’ve been discriminating against man bloggers! Either way, Seti’s blog is always a thought-provoking and enjoyable read. He’s the former Editor of, South Pacific Insider Magazine ( and PolyNation Magazine. His work has appeared on, and in Spasifik Magazine. Seti writes a lot about sports (so dudes should like that…) but my fave are his posts about being a father, something he knows alot about because he has FIVE boys. He writes, “I was born and raised in the United States, I still consider Samoa my homeland. I currently reside in Lehi, Utah with my wife Jennifer and our five sons. I enjoy writing about people who are making a difference. There’s nothing like a great, feel-good, success story that provides our children and youths with positive role models to emulate.” Check out one of Seti’s posts from this week.

2. RABBIT IN THE HEADLIGHTS :Vern. A long time ago I was roaming the cyberworld and stumbled upon this woman’s blog. Fell over and then couldnt get up. Read some more and didnt want to get up. Read some more and laughed so much I really couldnt get up. I’ve been a dedicated follower ever since. This is why I love the blogworld. Me and Vern are Twilight worlds apart – geographically, ethnically, racially… – okay in plain english – she’s a white mother raising her family in the American heartland and I’m a brown one screaming at my family in the islands. So different and yet, I totally get her humor and approach to staying sane in parentworld. I love just about every single one of her posts so it was a struggle to pick one to share! Check this one out and then keep perusing.

3. FAGOGO MAI SAMOA : its a secret…. Once upon a time, I knew a little girl in my English class at SamCo who was witty, clever, beautiful and shy. (back then she really was shy. Truly.) The little girl grew up, got married, embarked on a career and a thesis and started a blog. And it was super funny, witty, incisive, and not shy at all! If you like intelligent sarcasm with your parenting sagas and screamingly funny humor with your political commentary – then THIS is the blog for you. I dont know how she does it all with babies and study and work and blog but she does and Im glad because its a rockin awesome read.

6 thoughts on “People that make me laugh, cry and just think.”

  1. Lani, thank you so much for the endorsement. I'm so honored to be the only dude you read regularly and I'm most humbled to be numbered amongst your friends. You're awesome! Alofa tele!

  2. Lani – We have more in common than you think, because in my dreams I am tan and living near a beach! Oh, and my brother made a movie about Tongans – close enough? 🙂

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