When Vegetables Sing.

Perspective. It changes everything.

I have a daughter who…dances to a different song than the rest of us. Or as her Big Brother JB often exclaims with exasperation, “What’s wrong with her! She’s soooooo ditzy! Sooooo DUH!”

Case in point. JB is listening to his iPod while he does the dishes. The Princess Little Sister opens the fridge to forage for food when suddenly, she pauses. Looks around. Searching. A confused expression on her face. She calls to JB. “Come here! what is that?”

JB is curious. He stops washing dishes and comes over to the fridge, leans down and peers inside with the Princess. “What? What is it?”

“That! Can you hear it?”

JB cant hear anything. He moves closer. The Princess’ eyes light up, “Its getting louder! Wow, can you hear it now? Take your ipod earphones off so you can hear it.”

JB takes off the earphones. Listens. Still doesnt know what the Princess is talking about. “What? I dont hear anything. What are you talking about?!”

The Princess has pulled open the vegie drawer in the fridge and is gazing at the cabbage and carrots. Her face aglow with wonder. “The vegetables are singing!”

Finally it clicks for JB. He throws his hands up in the air. Frustrated yet again by his little sister. “You derrbrain – thats not the vegetables, that’s the music from my iPod.”

The Princess doesnt believe him and keeps going through the fridge a few minutes more, muttering to herself, “It was right here…I heard it…the singing was coming from somewhere in here…”

JB makes a big show of switching off his iPod. “See! iPod off – No more singing. Vegetables don’t sing.” He gives up. “Muuuuum, she’s being a derrbrain again. Can you please tell her where the music is coming from?!”

Times like this can make a mother wonder if maaaaybeee being born two months early can possibly contribute to a little bit of derrrness in a child…But as I look at a daughter who talked to an imaginary cat when she was two, stayed up late at night spying on “moonlight fairies in the garden, Im going to catch them mum!”, a daughter who loves to put HUGE plastic flowers in her hair, practise Beyonce’s dance moves in front of the mirror, and already knows what she’s going to wear when she sings on American Idol…A daughter who is, STILL staring inside the fridge with an awed look on her face – I am grateful.

Because I have a daughter who believes in the impossible and fanciful. Who believes in the possiblity – that vegetables can sing.

10 thoughts on “When Vegetables Sing.”

  1. That is so cute. Princess sounds like a real dreamer. These are the kids that we should be watching for the future. The ones who can see things that aren't there. One day she will be the next Beyonce or J.K Rowling 🙂

  2. Oh I love her! Lol The Doctor (from Doctor Who) would love her too. So cuuute!Oh and is it just my computer not loading properly or did your background change?

  3. my lil mischief maker is starting to show all the signs of being like your lil princess!. i hope she turns out to be just the same!.

  4. She sounds like me as a kid… OK a bit like how I am now… 🙂 My big sister used to explain it to people by saying "Oh she always has her head in the clouds" lol

  5. Good point Lan. I need to remind myself of that the next time she's seeing, talking and listening to things that arent there…sigh.Hi Laura, you are correct, I have changed my background at least ten times today because an expert said that dark backgrounds are bad for readers eyes…which means now Im trying on 101 diff new ones. And i dont like any of them!

  6. I think said expert might be right about dark backgrounds. Mine used to be almost black and I kept having to squint every time I read or typed. But your background wasn't dark…I liked it.

  7. Hmm thanks Lan – i hate this one so i might go back and change it again! Jo An – what a wonderful (frustrating) time you have ahead of you. ..Lilidonna – i think most of us in the blogging world have our head in the clouds.

  8. I use to speak to furniture as a child and do the fake Olympics in my brother's tube socks on the waxed kitchen floor.Both my parents constantly told me I was weird. If I had cared about their opinions…it might have made me change. 🙂 LOLOL.Singing Vegetables—No one tell Veggie Tales they don't exist.

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