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Etiquette Tip for Newly Published First Time Authors.

Tip One

Do not stalk your book in bookshops. Don’t loiter in store aisles pretending to ponder the mysteries of the Oxford Dictionary because you’re really waiting to see a customer pick up a copy of your book, read the back blurb. And then (o wonder of wonders!) open the cover and begin to read! And then…(be still my beating, racing heart) take your book to the counter to purchase it! (Be aware that fainting/breathlessness/panic attacks and even vomiting are all real possibilities at this time) It also goes without saying, that when you see someone willing to exchange money for your book, you should NOT scream, run up to the lucky customer, embrace them, kiss their feet and promise to give them your first born child. They’ve just bought your book. Not donated you an organ.

Disclaimer: The Etiquette Tips for Newly Published First Time Authors are not based on this writer’s personal experience. At all. No. This writer was never so uncouth or uncool to actually need such tips. Ever.Ever.

6 thoughts on “Etiquette Tip for Newly Published First Time Authors.”

  1. I love Marian Keyes. I have all her books on my shelf. And I breathlessly await her next book. Im very relieved to hear that even she stalks her books.

  2. Does this mean that asking said person if you can take a photo of them buying your book is also unacceptable? Because, you know, I'd want a memento of the inaugural occasion. Love the disclaimer. Those who can't do teach right?

  3. Lani, I have such a warm place in my heart for you. The way you convey your humor, ideas and creative comic genius of the life around you , has me not only in stitches, but believing somewhere in time we were fast friends if not sisters. You make writing look easy. Thank you, ~Isa

  4. Lan – asking for photos MAY be alright. But then framing said photo in gold and attaching it to the hood of your car is probably a breach of refined and elegant author etiquette. Making multiple copies of aforementioned photo to give to all your friends and family is really uncool too. (not that i was ever tempted to do so. No. Never ever.)LOL

  5. Isa – the best thing about blogging is getting to meet creative, like-minded and inspiring people, who are also fun to be around. I knew when I stumbled across YOUR blog that I had found someone I would love to 'hang out with'. Thank you for your encouraging feedback and uplifing remarks.

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