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Etiquette Tip 2 for Newly Published First Time Authors

Tip Two

When you see your book forlornly cast upon the lower shelves or (heaven forbid) in a bargain bin, do not take it and place it strategically on the bestseller shelf. In front of Harry Potter and those damn sparkly vampires. And if a bookstore does not stock your book, please do not creep in there all ninja-like, putting free copies of your book on their shelves. When a bookstore says NO, they mean NO. And chaining yourself to their front counter, demanding that they stock your book – is not considered acceptable behavior in civilized circles.

Disclaimer: The Etiquette Tips for Newly Published First Time Authors are not based on this writer’s personal experience. At all. No. This writer was never so uncouth or uncool to actually need such tips. Ever.Ever.

3 thoughts on “Etiquette Tip 2 for Newly Published First Time Authors”

  1. Yikes! That's my greatest fear as a writer (once I finish writing my mystery novels and pitch them). Finding my book in a bargain bin… eek! Great tip! @LyfesLyrics

  2. Well, I do dig a bit of ninja-like creeping every now and then 🙂 But I completely agree. Not that I've ever been published or anything (but I remain hopeful that maybe someday…sigh), but besides being embarrassing to the author, as you said, it's not good etiquette.Hope you're having a great one, Lani!Ninja Girl

  3. i have to say, that last time I was in Whitcoulls, I was sorely tempted…It would have been soooo easy. You know they dont even have any security in bookshops? (dont they know authors can be a sorely sneaky and unbalanced lot!?)

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