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Exploding Fireworks of Love

So eighteen years ago, I met the Hot Man. (At a party in a garden. There was music. Moonlight.Stars.And fireworks of love exploding all around. You get the picture right?) Two weeks later, the Hot Man asked me to marry him. I dont know who was crazier/dumber. The person who did the asking. Or the person who did the breathless screaming and saying Yes. Of course my parents hoped our love would die a natural teenage love death. But ten months later, me and the Hot Man got married. (In a garden. There was music.Moonlight. Stars. More fireworks of love.) That was a long time ago. And we are still married. And we have allowed five children to join us in the whole ‘exploding fireworks of love’ fest.

So what’s my point here? My point is, that it is possible to make life changing decisions based on only two weeks worth of consideration. Which is why, it is a mystery to me, WHY agents and publishers can’t read a damn query or manuscript and make a decision if they want it or not – within a few days/weeks/months of receiving it.

I’m witching about this because a really fabulous gi-normous world domination type publishing company, checked out one of my queries, asked for the whole manuscript and keeps telling me to “please wait a little longer while we get to it/make up our minds.” That was six months ago. I send polite little emails asking if they’re through yet and they keep replying right away, very politely,”Sorry, we’re not done yet.” Just put me out of my misery already. I can handle it. I’ve seen that movie, “He’s Just not Into You”. If I can decide who I want to spend the rest of my life with in only TWO weeks, then something as flimsy and paltry as a book publishing decision should be a no-brainer. The editors need to borrow a line from Nike and Just Do It. It’s like falling in love. Either you do. Or you dont. We can’t force it. Or wait around for it.

I am so over it already. I’ve decided. I’m withdrawing that particular manuscript and taking it to a party of my own making. Where there will be moonlight. Stars. And exploding fireworks of love.

I hope you will all join me when this party gets started in November 2011. (Fiery, fabulous invitations to follow shortly…)

And I’ll let you all in on a little secret. This particular book? It’s almost as hot as the Hot Man…and just as fun to be with.

11 thoughts on “Exploding Fireworks of Love”

  1. As your best virtual friend, I will "be there" at your launch, i.e. sending sanity mind signals and hoping I will receive baked goods in return *cough*I know you will probably hate this, but A LOT of publishing idiots didn't realise the treasure that Jo Rowling presented them with. It's a good sign…you're on your way to billions! Don't forget me at the top (or in your will).Big YAY for fireworks of love!!(and OMG you got engaged after 2 weeks?? SCANDALOUS! Is that going to be inspiration for 'The Notebook'-esque novel…)

  2. Hey – I never knew that about you two!!! Snap! Must be why we get on! Met in Jan, engaged in April, married in December!! Nutters, the lot of us. I'd have a fit if my girls did that … then again, I was almost on the shelf by then so had kissed enough total toads to know this one wasn't froggy material!

  3. Count me in too, as long as there's lots of cream puffs and rum balls haha. Aaaand by that time I will be bump-less and will be fully mobile – to travel to Rome where I assume we will be having the book launch? Heh. Sigh @ your love story. Mine was the same, minus the proposal. It was more like "we better get married before your dad beats the crap out of me for getting you pregnant" haha. Ok sorry…getting off this post right now lol. Coconut Girl

  4. Bina, As my virtual best friend you will be PARTICIPATING in this super amazing launch through your blog AND by providing lots of great visual aids for enticing readers to TELESA. (can i send you photos of baked goods? Almost as good as the real thing?) Thanks for the vote of confidence and yes…what a steamy – I mean ROMANTIC novel that would make!Anna – didnt i tell you that? (oh thats right, its kinda embarassing. REvealing my flighty, nutty self to one and all. Which i just did to all my blog readers LOL) Yes folks, I wasnt always this grounded, serious, responsible, law abiding citizen that you see before you. Once upon a time I was stupid. Easily swayed by bronzed rippling muscles, a crooked smile and a half naked body in overalls. Riding a motorbike. Think – wild, Wolverine type hair and bad attitude. The Hot Man!

  5. Coconut Girl – i guarantee there will be rum balls and cream puffs. ( I shall start grovelling and being super nice to my mum, give her time to be happy with me before I ask her nicely to make refreshments.)

  6. Congrats of taking the plunge Lani! You are one brave lady. Count on me to promote the heck out of your book on my blog!! I cannot wait to read Telesa. Can I order my copy now?

  7. Lani, Hang in there. I'm so happy for you!Dear Pub. Co.,Come on! Hurry it up! Make up your mind! Sincerely,Poop or get off the pot @lyfeslyrics

  8. My best girl had the same experience with 2 agencies who held her book for 8 months. I applaud you in this choice and know where the fire is, is where all burns the brightest! Count me in on your party even if rejoicing with you from afar… The Cream puffs are tempting me..muah and hugs! ~Isa

  9. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. Im putting together my Book Launch Blog Tour program and I will be emailing you all very soon to (beg,grovel,bribe) and ask if your blogs would be interested in joining the Telesa Book Tour. Im looking forward to at least a month of non-stop fun, fireworks and surprise visits from a whole bunch of "Mystery Guests" (hint hint lots of them wear rugby boots and sport tattoos…)Isa, so Im not the only one getting the loooooooong wait treatment – I didnt realize agencies/publ did that. Im learning new things every day in this business. When one holds onto a book that long, it can stop you from checking out other options so, yes, while I would love for this particular publisher to come through for me – Im not going to hold my breath anymore. Lets get this party started…

  10. will you be going on a world tour for promotion after that? if so..count me in..and I'll be your Waikiki tour guide..and remember, the tour guide need lots and lots of cinnamon rolls, cookies and every other yummy baked goodies in order to provide the best tour.*winks*and ahem..2 weeks? Bina said it – SCANDALOUS!!! lol..and I thought you only find that @ BYU..choohooo

  11. I would LOVE to go to Hawaii on a Telesa book tour! what a beeyootiful idea Jen. ( i need to lose tons of weight first though. You know, in case you make me go hiking up to that blardy waterfall with you. And so i can borrow your size Zero jeans. And use your iPad…) Yes, two weeks is SO BYU marriage story material. Ouch. Mormon girls. always in such a rush to get married. Auoi…

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