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Where is this Sleepless Woman?!

Checking in from Samoa with a few quick announcement s: 1. Brisbane was a blast and you can read all about it here - 'Bone Bearer Launched in Brisbane' 2. Then I dashed home to Auckland to hug the Fab 5 before coming to Samoa for a week of book events. It kicked off with… Continue reading Where is this Sleepless Woman?!

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The Alluring Mystery of Designer Shoes and Fly-Chaser Eyelashes

There are some mysteries that a man just should not try to decipher. Shoes is one of them. I was in Samoa last week and my mum gave me a wonderful pair of shoes she'd bought in Hawaii. They were designer shoes and rather fantabulous.  In other words, NOT a pair of shoes I would EVER buy… Continue reading The Alluring Mystery of Designer Shoes and Fly-Chaser Eyelashes

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Kick-Butt Awesomeness AND a Giveaway

Today was a good day. We (finally) left the house and took the Fab5 to the city to try ice skating and look at the city. Which transported them into paroxysms of delight because these poor woebegotten creatures hardly ever get to go anywhere and the sight of bright lights, shop windows and an endless… Continue reading Kick-Butt Awesomeness AND a Giveaway

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Snakes, Cakes and Cars

Quick update from Sydney... I've been doing book stuff in Australia for the past week. Started in Brisbane last week and am just finishing up here in the beautiful Sydney. You can read about it here: Samoa NewsLots of new experiences for this Hermit as she gets out and -1. Telesa Book Cakes in… Continue reading Snakes, Cakes and Cars

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Don’t Get Busy with a Quickie Workout.

What should you NOT do the day before you launch your book?You should NOT try to attempt a new workout program called Kettleworx for the very first time. (Because of course you know better than to think that enthusiastically throwing kettle weights around will magically make you ten pounds lighter...magically in time for all the… Continue reading Don’t Get Busy with a Quickie Workout.

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From Me to You.

In a few hours I will fly out to Samoa where I will spend a week in various TELESA book launch activities. I will do things like - chat to media at a press conference, visit a school or two, bake furiously for a Literary Evening at Plantation House, sign books at some local bookshops,… Continue reading From Me to You.

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Exploding Fireworks of Love

So eighteen years ago, I met the Hot Man. (At a party in a garden. There was music. Moonlight.Stars.And fireworks of love exploding all around. You get the picture right?) Two weeks later, the Hot Man asked me to marry him. I dont know who was crazier/dumber. The person who did the asking. Or the… Continue reading Exploding Fireworks of Love

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Ten Tips for Surviving Your Book Launch

His name is Campbell. Not Cameron. I knew that. I really did.During the madness of launching my first book, I did five radio interviews, one gut wrenching press conference, six TV interviews, and gave newspaper interviews to buckets of different journalists and their papers. (And for someone who is a social recluse I think its… Continue reading Ten Tips for Surviving Your Book Launch