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Stephenie Meyer Said So

Some of you may know that I kinda like the Twilight books. Just a little bit… Ok, I’m completely obsessed with them, alright! I would choose Twilight over Shakespeare’s masterpieces any day. It’s sad, but true. (and since when have I ever told lies on this blog?) I love Twilight, which of course also means that I think the author Stephenie Meyer is kind of all-knowingly awesome. Anyone who can create an Edward Cullen AND a Jacob is right up there next to the inventor of Diet Coke and Doritos. *Said with tone of worshipful awe*

So when Stephenie Meyer says something, I listen. She said, “The HUNGER GAMES is amazing…I was obsessed with it.” So what did I do? I went and bought all the books in the Hunger Games series. I read them in one feverish go. And you know what? Stephenie Meyer IS all-knowingly awesome because she was right. The Hunger Games series is amazing. In a different genre from Twilight so the two cant be compared, but I would rank both series on an equal pinnacle of reading perfection.

And then when Stephenie Meyer said, “The Mortal Instruments Series is a world that I love to live in, beautiful!” then of course I had to go read it. I just finished the 3rd book and once again, I must concede that Ms Meyer is all-knowingly awesome because AGAIN she was right. This series is pretty cool and the lead character Jace gives Edward Cullen a run for his money. Stephenie Meyer really is super cool *more tones of worshipful awe*. If she told me to read the Bible I would do it! (Umm, but I like, totally read the Bible already. All the time. Before re-reading Twilight and all that other rubbish. Honest. And we all know that I never ever tell lies on this blog.)

If you have been living under a rock ( or on one called Samoa) and havent heard of these two book series then please know that you’re living only half a life. Oh, and it goes without saying that if you have never heard of Twilight and the genius Stephenie Meyer – then you must be a zombie. (Which means we’re all in trouble because the Zombie Apocalypse has begun and we didnt know it.) I urge you to read: Twilight, Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments.


Because Stephenie Meyer said so.

What books rock your world? What author do YOU think is a creative genius? So genius that you would quit drinking Diet Coke if they said it was bad for you?  

14 thoughts on “Stephenie Meyer Said So”

  1. I have to go with George RR Martin and his Song of Fire and Ice series… absolutely amazing. I love Raymond Feist and pretty much all of his books, just finished re-reading his Empire trilogy with Janny Wurts. And I really like Juliet Marillier for some celtic fantasy. Sara Douglass' books are pretty out there and always a good read too… I also bought Rick Riordan's books for my son, but got hooked on those myself. Yeah… bit of a book addict, I could go on and on. Not sure I'd give up coke for any of them though – slightly more addicted to that lol.

  2. LOL I hope you enjoy Hunger Games Lia – me and my two teenagers are rabid fans now. In fact, I read it just before I released TELESA and after reading Hunger Games, I wanted to throw TELESA in the rubbish bin because there is no way in hell that anything could compare to Hunger Games…It can be soooo depressing for a wannabe writer like me to read and discover truly amazing books. Talia – I LOVE Raymond Feist books and the Empire Trilogy has the female character that I most admire. Own all of those books. And Rick Riordans books? This house has them all and we are stalking the series fanatically. What did you think of the first movie? (Uma Thurman rocked as Medusa…) LOL at the refusal to give up Diet Coke…as I sip on my DC with ice right now!

  3. Absolute genius was David Gemmell. He recommended books by Steve Tennant, who happened to be his protégé so for that reason alone, I still haven't tried them. Not sure why, maybe it's just jealousy/envy 🙂 I might pick up a Tennant book today (not Meyer, hehe) since you brought up author recommendations.

  4. Haha! Okay, I'll admit. I've been living a full life. 🙂 But just since recently. I finished City of Bones yesterday. But as much as I wanted to be, I WASN'T in love. In fact, it took me 3 1/2 weeks to get through it! I only finished yesterday because it was due at the library. I heard the second and third are much better… Is it true? I almost hate to give them a try.

  5. LOL tried to request both series you've recommended through the library and as is always the case with good books, they're all out with long hold lists. Gonna have to drive hubby crazy and buy them… what a pity haha. I tend to gravitate to books with strong female characters – the damsel in distress type annoy me – so Mara of the Acoma… fave. In a totally diff genre Lisbeth Salander (Millenium trilogy) so great as well.As for Rick Riordan… yup stalker as well lol! I thought the movie was pretty good, Uma totally rocked, not sure if they're going to make any more of the series though. Just saw The Hunger Games movie comes out next year tho, so will have to get up-to-date on the books before that happens.

  6. Hi Elizabeth – I like the David Gemmell books with that super hot and super strong fighter dude in them?> Cant remembr the name…Gemmell is such a vivid, powerful writer. Usually I only like to read fantasy books with strong female characters like Talia mentioned but Gemmell got me with that super strong dude…(I so bad with names.)Peggy – I admit that the first book was the toughest/slowest one for me to get into. I liked Bk2 more and then by Bk 3 I had really caught the Mortal Instruments fire. (ok, i confess, I had caught Jace's fire…) BUT, Ive read reviews for the rest of the series and many readers were disappointed with the books after that so Ive held off from buying them. Talia – thats it, MARA of the Acoma, a heroine to die for. I was so sad when the series ended, but I thought it was super cool how the blonde 'barbarian' lover got to come back. I hear the nxt Rick Riordan book is coming out next month, so my teens and I are eagerly waiting for it. We've been following the Hunger Games movie progress but Im a little worried about it. I dont see how any book could possible do justice to the awesomeness of The Hunger Games.

  7. I think all David Gemmell books have super strong fighter dudes, lol. The role of the male-warriors tend to overshadow the strong women in the stories, which led to the fans specifically requesting a story with a leading female role. Gemmell conceded and brought out the Hawk Queen series but it seemed she was TOO MUCH of a warrior – most people could not handle a woman in such a powerful role. Can't please everyone 🙂

  8. Read Twilight, still working on Hunger Games. I'm such a slacker. I've had that book for a while now. Thanks for the motivation. I'm on it.

  9. Hmmm.. I couldn't get into the twilight books but LOVE the movies LOL :)… One of my fav authors is Stephen King – if you haven't already you should read the following books: Lisey's Story, Hearts in Atlantis, Rose Madder, Under the Dome, the Girl who Loved Tom Gordon, and Everything's Eventual. Another author I love is Gabriel Garcia Marquez – you should read Love in the Time of Cholera. It's a great book.

  10. I don't know if I should be commenting on this post because I have a decidedly love/hate relationship with Ms Meyer. On the one hand, I really respect her contribution to the resurgence of reading amongst young people, but on the other, I just can't forgive her for creating one of the worst heroines ever. I've gone off the name Bella forever. I can't fault anything about The Hunger Games but I suspect Meyer's name was put on the blurb as a marketing tool. As for Mortal Instruments…couldn't get past the weird twist. Super super creepy. I think I trust the views of other book lovers more than authors but if I had to choose I'd go with Isobelle Carmody and Suzanne Collins and Stephen King.

  11. Loved Twilight. Love Hunger Games. Gonna check out Mortal Instrument now. Thanks for the heads up. Your Telesa series will be up with those great series. I have no doubt!!!

  12. Lan – I just dont think we can be friends anymore since you have uttered such sacriligious statements about Bella and Twilight…sigh. but since you did introduce me to that rather hot dude in Vampire Academy, i guess I can forgive you. LOLThanks for the suggestion about the Fever series Natalie, Im going to check it out.thank you T*Family for the encouragment!

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