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I want to stab someone.

So if you've read any of my books, or more than one of my blogs, or you have the misfortune to be friends with me on Facebook - then you know I have a soul-wedded affinity with Diet Coke. As in I drink too much of it and write too much about it. As in,… Continue reading I want to stab someone.

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A Day in the Life of a (Slightly Demented) Author/Blogger

(An alternate title for this blogpost would be: "Why You should Never trust Book Deadlines from Authors who have Five Children, especially disorganized, chaotic authors - because their books will ALWAYS be Late. Always.")A Typical MondayI get up at 5.30am, which I absolutely hate doing, especially if I’ve only just gone to bed at 2am.… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a (Slightly Demented) Author/Blogger

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Stephenie Meyer Said So

Some of you may know that I kinda like the Twilight books. Just a little bit... Ok, I'm completely obsessed with them, alright! I would choose Twilight over Shakespeare's masterpieces any day. It's sad, but true. (and since when have I ever told lies on this blog?) I love Twilight, which of course also means that… Continue reading Stephenie Meyer Said So

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A Rare Good Day to be a Writer

                                                           Let's live dangerously...So this morning my cousin in New York, Facebooks me - "Congratulations on your prize! Awesome!" I message her back. (Somewhat shamefacedly.) "Umm, I didnt… Continue reading A Rare Good Day to be a Writer

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It’s NOT a ‘happy place’. Why you shouldnt go to the gym.

Mean Matt's Twin BrotherThe other day, someone called the gym their " happy place." I couldnt see how that could be possible. Unless they've started serving Diet Coke and Doritos at the gym. And Ryan Reynolds is doing the serving. So I went to my gym to check.My usual nice personal trainer Steve was on holiday. He had… Continue reading It’s NOT a ‘happy place’. Why you shouldnt go to the gym.

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Notes from the Edge of Reason

She's driving me nuts. I need help.Dear Diet Coke, You're killing me. Painfully yours, Lani's Kidneys.Dear Racy Lacy Sexy Lingerie from 'Deliciously Exciting Lani's drawer,We really miss you. All this life-sucking control top, boring 100%cotton stuff does nothing for us. Please come back. Bring deliciously exciting sex with you.Wistfully, breathily ( and over abundantly) yours,Lani's… Continue reading Notes from the Edge of Reason

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Telesa Tuesday: The Secret to Writing about Kissing. (and other steamy stuff)

My book Telesa is YA fiction. Romance. Which means there's a girl. Who falls in love with a boy. And they have to overcome all sorts of obstacles to be together. And of course there's another boy who's also in love with the girl. And the girl is a little bit conflicted between boy 1… Continue reading Telesa Tuesday: The Secret to Writing about Kissing. (and other steamy stuff)

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WarriorMum vs. Wild.

Man VS Wild. Why are we watching this show? The man is a derwit. Tonight he's running around some desert wilderness. He's got diaorrhea from eating old bugs. And now he's excitedly showing us some special plant with leaves that are a great replacement for toilet paper. (Umm..come to Samoa, just about every plant has… Continue reading WarriorMum vs. Wild.

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My second personal favourite oldie post. Because it felt soooooo good writing it!. I like going to church, really I do. But there are some things that some people say and do that can really get on my nerves. If Im not feeling very Christian. So in the interests of 'getting it all out' and… Continue reading Confessions