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A Man Reader Raves (and Rants) about Romance

  This is what I have to see every 10 pages. Reminding me that this is chick-lit, why am I still reading  this for?!

Do men read YA romantic urban fantasy fiction? A few weeks ago, I would have said – hell no. But since the release of my book TELESA, I have been pleasantly surprised and proven wrong. Not only are men reading it, but they are actually (against their will), finishing it, enjoying it and then sharing their views on it. Now admittedly, a common theme in their feedback is “I’m really enjoying the book! I could do without all the in-depth Daniel descriptions tho…lol” 
    Unless of course they are Man-Lover-Appreciator readers, in which case they’re saying,  “TELESA is sooooo much better than Twilight. Daniel is such a babe, I fell asleep imagining his half-nakedness at the midnight pool – I am in love!” So yeah, the TELESA love story has been able to cross the gender gap…(in more ways than one.) Because I wrote the book for me and thus for a female audience, I’m always intrigued to read a Man-Reader’s Review. And this one from a Man-Reader who knows me personally, had me laughing. And laughing. And wishing that he was in the same country as me so I could punch him. Warning, there are spoilers in here so if you havent read TELESA and dont want to know too much about the plot, I suggest you give this one a miss.
                   This is Chick Lit – Why am I still Reading This For?!
       So I just finished reading the first book in the TELESA series – The Covenant Keeper by  Lani Wendt Young. A story about a young woman named Leila and her return to her homeland Samoa. To her everything is so foreign and yet familiar. She (Leila) is gifted naturally with the art of sarcasm and also has the supernatural ability of turning up the heat when things get ‘hot and heavy’ or when she gets pissed off.  Like most teenagers she is discovering many firsts: experiences, emotions and abilities –  but tries hard to hide her vulnerabilities with a snooty intellectual East Coast attitude . 
    She discovers that in this new country Samoa, the primal ‘urge to merge’  is difficult to abstain from due to vivid descriptions of half-naked rugby guys running around in the glistening sun that the author often reminds us of every 10 pages. Reminding me this is definitely chick lit and I dont know why I’m still reading this for……  (I can see the author’s discomfort now..LOL)   Back to my critique, like any drama -Leila falls for a jock and lead character Daniel, and the nice guy, (a scientist fellow blonde dude oh whatever his name is oh Jason, who doesnt realize nice guys finish last) both whom devote themselves in adoring and wooing her for her affections. All the while not knowing they are in love with one of the most powerful Pacific demi-goddess of fire, one of  a sisterhood who could destroy everyone on the island. One of these sisterhood furies is Leila’s mom Nafanua  who is a lady you don’t want to mess with. Just ask a couple of villagers that were fried by random lightning and Mr. Nice Guy Jason  who gets poisoned by this brood, destroying any chance of love for this poor guy…(I guess I can identify with this poor nice guy.)
    Back to the story, the author provides lots of imagery and intense passion that her female audience will adore. Leila finds she is twin, her boyfriend is a water bender like her supposed deceased twin (wait a  minute…hmm is it possible he could be her twin bro …eew)” Luke …Leah is your sister….my sister how can that be Obi Wan….use the force… Luke …use the force” Jason may still have a chance yeeeessssssssssss! (I was surprised by how much I was getting into this storyline, cheering for Mr Nice Guy.) Knowing the author, right now she is probably pissed or deleting this  book review. But wait – I have more – just like how Ms Wendt Young leaves the audience hanging for the next book – which is very cleverly done by the way. Even I find myself counting how many sleeps until March 2012?

      As a Man-Reader, I want to ask the author: How come you don’t introduce a sexy cougar for your guy audience….hmmmm… maybe with supernatural abilities. Older guys like me are feeling ignored here!
      Overall, have to say, the book brought back many memories and emotions from my own youth. Well done to a beautiful and passionate Tusitala, LOL.
Thank you Man Reader and I will definitely take your suggestion about a ‘sexy cougar’ in Bk 2 under consideration. Now go eat some pineapple and coconuts because I hear that they work wonders for men everywhere. (And not just in Young Adult romantic fiction.)

20 thoughts on “A Man Reader Raves (and Rants) about Romance”

  1. First of hahahaha, gotta say this Man-Reader review is hella funny… I enjoyed reading it. To be honest I had the same curiosity as this man-reader when I found out (in the book) that Daniel is a water bender, and Leila had a twin brother with same powers as Daniel hehe.. thanks for sharing(Jev)

  2. Lol! Nice to read a male's perspective! … And OMGizzle @ MILF! LOL! I'm looking forward to the Cougar action Lani. Lol! Wonder how old Sarona is…. And please don't stop with the glistening chest and flexing of muscle…. Please allow us women to dream….since dreams are free! 😉

  3. Got to say I really enjoyed reading a males point of view. I second the cougar action ^. lol. Would make for a very interesting read.

  4. Sigh – Lani, we tried!! We tried to get the brother issue sorted didn't we, but the minds of the reading public are obviously more twisted than we hoped! ROFL. Whoever this reviewer is, he needs a lesson in 'review' vs 'tell the whole story'!!

  5. Funny guy this Man Reader. Love to get a man's point of view. Especially since I've been trying for three years to get my husband to read Twilight. LOL yea right! never going to happen. I've been talking his ear off about Telesa and Lani, so wonder if I could get him to read it. hmmm….I'm on a mission!! (thanks for the inspiration Man Reader)Btw…Daniel and Leila are not long lost twins right. He's older than her, and he was born in Tonga right? (please say it ain't so) That would just be a cruel Samoan twist. For that reason alone is why I asked my parents if they were related to or knew of my boyfriend's last name in high school before even thinking of getting involved. lol

  6. EVeryone please note – NO, LEILA AND DANIEL ARE NOT LONG LOST TWIN BROTHER AND SISTER! There are lots of surprises and twists in Book Two: When water Burns…but a Leia and Luke sibling revelation is NOT one of them. (Im poking my tongue out at our Man Reviewer now, he is SO going to get it from me when I see him in person again.)I loved getting a man readers feedback tho and I hope others are brave enough to get me their thoughts as well. Reenie – I sympathize with your plight. I dont think its going to happen tho. My husband is sick to bits of just a Twilight poster and he defn wont be reading TELESA. All i have to do is tell him theres lots of starry eyed love in it and hes rolling his eyes at me! LOL

  7. LOL Lani. My husband doesn't want to read my book either because of all the romance. Double points for getting a male to read TELESA. This review is beyond funny. Men really do bring a unique perspective to the books we love don't they?

  8. Loved your male perspective! I am SO in LOVE with Telesa…my husband had to yell at me to put it down last night and get some sleep…what for? I just woke up and started reading again! I feel like I'm IN Samoa when I'm reading it. And like I'm falling in love all over again! Can't wait to finish!!

  9. hilarious review!! (i too thought about the bro-sis connection) but quickly erased that from my mind. EXCITED about twists in the second book! can't wait til you start blogging about it!

  10. Lol @ Man-reader synopsis! Laughed aloud at how typical man-reader cleverly delineates his notion and hope between Leila and Daniel's relationship to one of Star Wars famous dialogue in favor of 'Mr Nice Guy'! (Lol that would've been just plain cruel for Team Daniel and Leila fans!) Thanks Lani for confirmation…was having anxiety attacks there for a moment lol.Anyhow just wanted to say Man-Readers perspective is so super cool.  My man-reader it's not much of a man-reader per se lol and esp if I'm so in to it…but he is intrigued by the level of passion I have for Telesa, my over zealous reaction when I get a tweet reply from Lani, lol and my obsession to audition for the Nafanua role when they start making the movie lol such a dreamer! (FYI Lani…I would love to audition for Leila's role but I haven't been 18yrs for awhile now lol)…due to that mouthful I just noted lol he's requesting any chance of embedding audio with your ebooks lol. PS love your updated profile pic proudly holding the book I will soon come to own!

  11. Ezra Taylor shared this link and bought me here! lol I haven't read the book yet but didn't mind reading a lil about it from this review! I think it's awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on one of them books!! Much love and good luck for the rest of your books! Hope they turn into movies ;]

  12. hahaha love it! My husband has started to notice and ask what book I am currently paying excess amount of attention to… he doesn't know whats going to hit him come March!! (cue evil laugh now).

  13. I applaud the Man-Reader for reading Telesa because I didn't ever think I'd read a male's perspective of the book. His review was too funny. I enjoyed reading it! •high fives him• I loved reading Telesa. Couldn't put the book down to save my life. Haha. The twists in the book kept me at the edge of… Well wherever I was sitting. Hehe. Reading Telesa made me feel like I was on the motherland. Best birthday gift a friend/sis ever gave me. Oh & yes it's better than Twilight & I'm a fan. Loved loved loved everything in Telesa! Impatiently waiting for the sequel. Haha.

  14. Lani, I gotta say your book was my one reason for staying up all night last weekend :)It was all worth it, and Im sooo looking forward to the second book. I felt the whole story and I had to read it over and over again lol. Talk about connected LOL, more like to Daniel hahahaha. Also happy my old school's in there lol. ❤ SAMCO 🙂 Anyway, love ur work Lani, ps thanks for commenting about my blog about the fautasi experience with Zita Martel 🙂 Malo lava

  15. All I have to say is when my hubbby found out I was reading Telesa, he made me read it to him. But his favorite character is Simone. I loved your book because it helped me to find a new way to connect with my hubby. He grew up in Samoa, while I am a first-generation Tongan American. We are now planning a trip to the Islands to introduce and teach our son the importance of knowing where he comes from. I am now rereading the first book, hopefully without interruption from the hubby…

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