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Really Dumb Things Women Do

Some pictures need no explanation. I just want to say, in my defence – I’m 18, at University, and the affordable hair straightener hadn’t been invented yet. 
And how else was I supposed to get hair that looked like this?
So, its YOUR turn. What dumb things have YOU done in the name of ‘beauty’?! Are you brave enough to confess them? LOL

18 thoughts on “Really Dumb Things Women Do”

  1. Hahahaha. So many girls in high school used to show up with scorch marks on their foreheads because they'd ironed their hair straight!! This takes me back. You probably won't believe me but I am 100% a comfort before beauty girl so the most daring thing I've done is wear a pair of shoes that hurt my feet…

  2. Lan – I still have scars on my scalp from my iron straightening days! LOL. Its a wonder I've got hair left on my head…Shoes that hurt your feet is your only beauty/fashion crime ay? I hope my daughters are more sensible than I was and only have uncomfortable shoes to regret.

  3. That's dedication! I can't even be bothered using a ghd- too much work!!!! I have tottered around in improbable high heels though because I love shoes- they make me taller and they always fit!!!

  4. Our pain tolerance for things is different for everyone I guess because I cannot STAND to wear shoes that are uncomfortable. Actually, I dont like to wear shoes, full stop. (Fob native! LOL) When we moved to D.C, I kept getting into trouble with the teachers because I would take my shoes off and walk around campus barefoot. They said, it was dangerous – and i think they didnt want to get sued if i stepped on glass or something. So – i defn cant handle improbable high heels!

  5. Yes I dare to confess lol… Unfortunately I wasn't born with naturally straight hair, so in my defense my mothers trusty 'Phillips steam iron' was my saviour and my modern GHD. I mastered the art of straightening every single strand to perfection. But after many years of heat flaming abuse I had to finally and reluctantly chop of my golden fleece lol n needless to say it was torment! My first ever proper visit to the hairdressers for a full makeover there was no hesitation I was ready for a new look. I asked 'Rachels' cut from 'Friends please.' OMG! It was from then on I became a hairdressers dream come true and my trusty old mothers iron had finally retired. Call me high maintenance but almost 20 years on I continue to religiously go to get that wash and BLOWDRY! LOL

  6. LMAO@Iron, reminds me of my Iron days… I wasn't in Uni, was in Primary – White sunday presentation and mum thought my fizzy, thick savaiian lau ulu needed some staightening out, had to lay low from the older kids for a while – st8 calling me Tina Turner… LOLBut another extreme (again in the days of my innocence) needing to pluck/tread eyebrows – with no tweezers eventually turning to shavers = EPIC fail shaving off way too much

  7. GUILTY. Before the days of GHDs (not that I own one now) I too ironed my hair with the trusty house iron, mostly for weekend recreational activities and special occasions. What I am not guilty of is the copious amounts of vasaline some girls were known to put in their hair too at the time! The perks of having 'inbetween' hair made ironing less tedious. Other than that, I cannot think of anything else I am willing to admit to .. yet!

  8. Oh Lani! Such beautiful hair! I was (still am) one of the unfortunate girls with straight, fine, does-what-it-wants kind of hair!

  9. I'm another one of those "comfort before beauty" females – and jokingly refer to myself as "not being a girl" because the idea of doing up my hair or putting on makeup or anything has to take 5 seconds or less, or it's not gonna happen!!When I was 13 I did something dumb – a girlfriend and I tried to lighten our hair using hydrogen peroxide. Never mind, we had no idea what we were doing and the internet didn't exist to make learning how to do it easier (and more stealthy)!!!

  10. bwahahaha! oh wow the iron was my friend in the 90's. People always said I had beautiful curly hair why would I ever want to straiten it? Obviously from people with naturally straight hair, and not knowing how long it takes to comb curly Samoan hair that fell down to my waist. But luckily I had my cousin that would do it for me, or I did it myself piece by piece. I hated the straight on the bottom curly at the roots look. LOL But yea, now a days I own two straighteners, two curling irons, two blow dryers. (I need help) It's been too hot to actually use them lately, but just yesterday I felt like curling my hair. Two burns on my ears later, I was looking cute. hahaha. In high school I used to burn myself on the neck all the time. When I couldn't hide it with my hair I was defending myself against my friends who kept asking if it was a hickey.

  11. What haven't I done? LOL. I've woken up after nights out with numb feet and burning quads and calves from ridiculous heels; during my most broke phase I've used lip gloss as eye shadow, lip stick as blush and vaseline as highlighter; definitely been guilty of hair ironing crime; gotten an ear infection when I attempted to get an ear piercing up on the top, hard part of the ear and have been waxed on almost every surface imaginable… And I'm still going back for more LOL

  12. ha ha ha ha, me oh my, that is one of my biggest and fondest memories of you – I had NEVER in my life come across even the thought of someone ironing their hair until I came out of my room one day to find you head down on the ironing board. Still brings a smile to my face.

  13. bwahahaha! I remember when I had first met my husband family and I was in a rush to go to dinner with them and needed a quick fix to get my hair straight. So I asked my husband if he had an iron and with an odd look he said yes and handed it to me. Thinking I was going to take my clothes off and iron them, he had an extra grin on his face. But lo and behold i flipped my buckwheat hair forward and went to work. His mom came running up stairs thinking something was on burning but really it was me damaging her iron and smiling the air with fried hair. Embarassed we all busted out laughing and came to rescue with her fancy high dollar straightner and told me to keep it. Not only did I score on a straightner but I also scored a great mother in law. lmao!

  14. I was lucky that I didn't inherit that beautiful bush (as my sister calls it). I do remember giving my sister a few scars that ended up with my mom running in the room to see what I had tried to burn this time. (accidentally burnings lol)I do remember almost freezing to death because I refused to wear a coat over my beautiful off the shoulder puletasi in Washington. You think the guys appreciated that my teeth were gritting the whole time they were checking out my tan? Lol.

  15. Love it! I was wondering how many of my readers would first…KNOW what I was doing in the picture and then be able to wince as they remembered the times they ironed their own hair …and burnt their scalp/their hands or more. Thanks for the honesty ladies. Im still smiling at 'shaving my eyebrows' and bleaching my own hair…ouch and more ouch! Hey Spanna – if you look closely in the photo, you can see a slim ( gorgeous) palagi leg in the left hand corner, I believe that is YOU. Yes, everyone Spanna and I used to be flatmates in Wellington back in my Varsity days and she would sit there and LAUGH at me while i ironed my hair. Thankx for letting me use your iron so i could 'be beautiful' Anna Spanna! lol

  16. Gasp! I never even thought that was a photo from our flat LOL. I can barely see that leg, it's sooo skinny. Me? Really? I'm more amazed by the skinny leg than I am by the photo now! Ah those were the days!

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