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From Me to You.

In a few hours I will fly out to Samoa where I will spend a week in various TELESA book launch activities. I will do things like – chat to media at a press conference, visit a school or two, bake furiously for a Literary Evening at Plantation House, sign books at some local bookshops, do a couple of tv interviews, launch my book at a gathering of 200  invited guests,,,and generally try not to sound like a dork.I’m getting more and more apprehensive as the countdown continues. Why?

* I’m already missing my family and I haven’t even left yet. I bought them all chocolate donuts for breakfast. (Assuaging my guilt with sugar.) And I had tears in my eyes when I kissed them goodbye for school. I wish, I wish that they were all going with me but it’s exam time. And I’m not rich enough, not unless I squirrel them away in my suitcase.

*I’m worried about the ‘traditional’ generation who might think that I have ripped off their ‘telesa’ geneaology and ancestral family legends. They might get mad and throw rocks at me. Or tell everyone not to buy my book. Both of which would be really bad… Im hoping the media will alert them to the fact that no, my book is not a historical account of myth and legend but rather, a romance-laden, thriller with hints of the supernatural. And an overabundance of rippling muscle and gleaming abs…

*I love my hermit cave. I love my online friends. I love my blogging buddies. The thought of getting out into the real world, talking to real people, organizing real functions for masses of those real people, giving speeches, smiling, answering questions about my book, possibly dodging missiles of criticism about my book…well, lets just say that its kinda freaking me out. For me, this is the most challenging and difficult part of being  a writer. The social interaction that’s required to promote my writing and get my book out there. I can’t wait to be back in my cave. Writing book two.

So I may not be able to blog regularly in the next week – but if you’re a Sleepless in Samoa blog reader who lives in Samoa? Pleeease, I have a favor to ask of you… if you see me skulking about, could you please  be nice, say “Hi”, reassure me that nobody is waiting to throw rocks at me, remind me that life will go on even if I make a mistake in my launch speech…and generally make life outside the Hermit Cave a less scary place to be! Thank you.

Sincerely, Me.

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  1. Awww that must be so hard w/out the kids and HRH. But it sounds as if you have got plenty to keep you busy. Good Luck! I know even the old folks will love it.

  2. Aww Lani, I know how you feel about having to leave your little hermit cave. I don't even like to go down the street let alone going off to another country for a week. I have no words of wisdom regarding talking to real people because I hate doing it as well but rest assured Telesa is an amazing book and you will always have that to speak for you!

  3. Just wanting to wish you the best of LUCK for your book launch in Samoa. I know its going to be hard for you being away from your love ones, but by the sounds of it, you will be busy busy busy. Also wanting to say how much i LOVED reading Telesa, so couldnt put my brothers Kindle reader down…and im now hanging out for your next installment "When Water Burns"….could it not be out in Jan 2012??? im not sure i can wait that long..lolOh by the way do u think if i send u my copy of "TELESA" would u be able to sign it for me??

  4. Congrats on going out on tour!! Talking to the press, interviews, all that is so VERY exciting!! I would be a nervous wreck too. But I'm sure that most people are going to want to talk about Telesa, which is like talking about one of your children. We can all talk about how amazing our children are, a lot easier than we can talk about ourselves. And like Elle Woods told her dog in Legally Blonde when they got to Harvard, "Don't worry, everyone will love you!"

  5. Good luck Lani! You're awesomeness (if that's not a word, it should be) is inside and out, so it's naturally emanating off of you at all times. You're going to be great – just because you are you 🙂 Have FUN!!! You're online friends will be online when you come back. I know I will.

  6. TRUST ME lani, your book has been/will be a wonderful success. you deserve all the acclaim it will no doubt receive. everyone LOVES a love story (even the old skeptic farts, who will be living vicariously through Leila ha!) all the best! and enjoy every minute of it!! (wish i could be there)

  7. A colleague at work offered me some advice to write a novel based on my experiences; it has been my dream for years. I ran across your FB page and I am just so overjoyed to have met someone who has fulfilled her love of writing. Your success (and I consider it a success) is that inspiration and final push I needed to begin this journey. Thank you. I haven't read your book yet, but it is priority on my To Do list.

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