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Tattoo Time:Natasha Kai

We’ve had six Tattoo Time Tributes here on Sleepless in Samoa and today marks a historic first in the series – our first female feature! (Because we are an equal opportunity and non-sexist blogosphere.) We like to pay tribute to tattoos and the Polynesians who rock them because they play a huge part in  my YA fantasy books. Which got me thinking because sisterhood and girl-power are key themes in the TELESA series. The main characters are strong, fierce, powerful women who must make important choices about the elemental powers they have been gifted with. So I went in search of a strong, fierce and powerful woman who has worked hard to achieve great things with her talents. And has kick-butt tattoos as well –  Natasha Kai.

Natasha is of Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino and Caucasian heritage. When she was 5, she cut her foot badly on a glass bottle and doctors warned she may never walk properly again but she overcame the odds with tenacity and hard work. She is an American soccer forward currently playing for Philadelphia Independence of Women’s Professional Soccer. She is a superb athlete and holds numerous records during her standout soccer career. She is the first player from Hawaii to play for  the U.S National team and to make the Women’s World Cup team and helped take the US to the quarterfinals in the Beijing Olympics. She also plays rugby and was on the US rugby women’s team at the IRB Womens Sevens Challenge in Dubai, 2011. Natasha has over 55 tattoos,  including two sleeves…I’ll let the visuals speak louder than words.

Natasha Kai shows us that “lean, mean machine” is beautiful.

I think she’s got more ab definition than any of the other Tattoo Time features….

Some neck tattoos as well as a few piercings…What the heck, let’s just profile all 55 tattoos, shall we?!

Right ladies, I dont know about you – but I’m now inspired to get my lazy blogging butt off the sofa and go for a run. Kick a soccer ball. Do some sit-ups. Maybe get a tattoo. OR just go write some more of my TELESA books about strong, fierce, independent, powerful and kick-butt inspiring women. (Like Natasha Kai.)
(See more of Natasha’s shoot with ESPN ‘The Body’ issue here.)
Sleepless in Samoa hit a record 30,000 visits this month. Thanks for keeping me company! If you’re looking for a Fantasy Romance read about strong, fierce and proud Pacific women – check out the free sample of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper available on Amazon.

13 thoughts on “Tattoo Time:Natasha Kai”

  1. whoosha, that is heaps of tattoo for a woman, but dang they are beautiful:) I wanna go get some abs like that now and get me some mean tattoos. although my main one i want to get is a malu:-) when i know i deserve it and know its deep meaning, then i will.:) Nice going lady

  2. WOW..she's a soccer superstar? it's weird to read it on your blog because I know who she is but never knew she's a world famous soccer surprise coz she's from a very talented family. Sporty sisters, dad is a ukulele star who can play the ukulele with his teeth, no joke and brothers football players. good going Tasha. and great post Lani. women rock. 😉

  3. Ooooooo!!!! Those tattoos are gorgeous. I always thought that women with large sleeves or big tattoos all over the place loooked unnattractive, (probably because I've seen too many big burly females with gross stretched out tattoos) but lately i've seen that it's beautiful. I dont think I'd get a tattoo anytime soon, but still. It's beautiful.And like you, If I could purchase some abs like that at the store, I would. I'd even pay close to $300 for em. But I'd have to get them and be able to eat anything I want with them. HA! If only

  4. I've met her a couple of times but only 'hi and bye' so I don't really know her but her dad is a good buddy of mine 🙂

  5. Wow! I didn't realize she had so many tatooes! I grew up knowing her and her family and she has always been fearless and super athletic. Nice post and tribute to an awesome and beautiful woman.

  6. Iv been a HUGE fan of Natasha Kai since like forever! I play football myself over in England and play at a good level at college, and external to college, Nastasha Kai is my idol in football. Her tattoos are amazing i would love some of the ones she has, i shown a good friend of mine pictures of her tattoos (my friend is crazy for tattoos) and she has now this weekend gone off to get a sleeve tattoo done the same as Natasha's (with some alterations with meaning to her of course).

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