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You Made Me Cry

What a week it has been. It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting here, exhausted and just a little bit stunned.

1. The electronic book version of ‘When Water Burns’ was released on Amazon on Thursday. I asked for your help with getting this book into the rankings and you responded. You bought 380 books in a single day.  I woke up on Friday morning to find that ‘When Water Burns’ was number ONE on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers List – which tracks books that move the most on the listings in a single day. Overall ranking, #379 out of 1, 190, 929 books. Number 1 on the People and Places Fiction List, Number 1 on the Mythology List, Number 5 on the Children’s Hot New Releases List. You made history for a book written by a Pacific author. You did that.

2. Today I went to Otara Market in South Auckland for a book signing event organized by Rasmus Pereira and the Shop Samoa team. I had never been to Otara Market before. (Rasmus is pretty sure that this was a first for Otara Market as well – a book signing.) Many companies and individuals worked together to sponsor the event and make it happen. Like SUGA Magazine, Levi Plumbing, DJ Meex, Keila Records, Yolande Ah Chong, Tatau Dance Group, the Te Ariki Vaine Dance Group, Miss Samoa-NZ – and more.  I was expecting a low-key morning with a few people in attendance – and the chance for me to check out the market shops and sample some of the food that Otara Market is (in)famous for. That’s not what happened. From start to finish, I was overwhelmed. There were masses of people wanting to get books signed. Wanting to have photos taken. Wanting to meet the cover models. Wanting to share their excitement and enthusiasm for the books and the characters. Not only that, but the organizers had worked together with different sponsors to host a great array of gifted Pacific artists. From dance groups to music artists and radio hosts and more – the day was one that celebrated Pacific talent and creativity. But the day was truly about you. It was possible because of you. The readers. The supporters. You that have embraced these books and these characters and gone out of your way to encourage a Samoan writer that is trying to write and publish her books on her own. Today was about YOU. You made it memorable. Special.

Mothers, daughters and grand-daughters celebrating a book together.

A professional athlete and an actress giving of their talents to bring a book to life.

A beautiful couple. 

A mum bringing her children to meet an author.

A community coming together.

Connecting with great friends.

Dancers sharing their talents ( and tattoos) with a captive audience.

Dancers sharing their fiery flair and beauty. 
Inspiring examples of Pacific women.
The next generation of readers…and writers?
A rugby superstar making the time to support a Pacific author – and our youth.

Dedicated fans showing their enthusiasm for the book (and for Daniel) via their T.Shirts.



Thank you for all that you do to make this writing and publishing journey possible. The last few days have shown me just how much you love these books. Just how much you are willing to do to encourage and uplift a writer of fiery Pacific stories. I’m humbled and grateful for every day that I can be living my writing dream.  Thank you for all that YOU do to make it happen.

(Ok, and now, I’m going to cry. Thank goodness you can’t see me. It’s past midnight, I’m really tired, looking at the pictures from the Otara event and I’m crying because you all blew me away with your support. I had no clue you were going to make a day like today happen.) 

And yes, in answer to those who have already begun asking me about book three…I am going to get serious about finishing work on the next book. ‘The Bone Bearer’ is in the works. And so is the Daniel novella – much of book one retold from Daniel’s perspective. Your support of my books makes it possible for me to write more. It’s that simple. This week, YOU made history. Today, YOU made my very first visit to Otara Market – an absolute joy. And tonight, reflecting on it all – YOU made me cry.

Thank you.

26 thoughts on “You Made Me Cry”

  1. Aww Lani, congrats on making it this far — but it's not over yet, it's only just the beginning. Your book will continue to reach new heights, you just watch! I'm sitting at my comp doing some work and my mind is nagging me to just close all my PC windows, and open up Kindle for PC instead… and… read "When Water Burns." But I know that once I start, I will not stop! :PThanks for blessing the world with your amazing writing talents and especially for the story that is Telesa, you truly are an inspiration to our Samoan and Pacific people!

  2. You're worth it. You're amazing. Thank YOU for introducing Telesa, the covenant, for some our culture, history, myths & legends to the world. I got home after uploading all those photos, realised I didn't get one with YOU… lol but I'm sure I'll see you again in the near future. Keep up the great writing Lani. Blessings – Ana 🙂

  3. Totally love both books and can't wait til Bone Bearer comes out. I'm telling everyone that you are my favorite author. Gotta support our Samoan authors. Your books are amazing. Everyone should read Telesa the covenant keeper and When Water Burns. We're spreading the wird. Lani Wendt Young…Number One author…you're an amazing writer. Love your blog as well.

  4. I must say your son looks like David Beckham…lol well, its people like you that make us more proud to be Samoans, you are a very talented and gifted writer,your family must be so proud of you. Malo lava

  5. Oh, Lani! I'm crying right along with you 🙂 I'm so very proud and happy for you. And like Jordan (above) has said – you just watch what happens next!! At last – the world is finding these books and this amazing, talented and generous writer. Enjoy the ride as your dreams come true. (Thanks for the photos – it made me a little homesick – but in a good way) xxoo

  6. Very, very honoured to meet you yesterday. My cousin and I got there at 8am in the morning and toughed out the cold in excitement lol.Super blessed morning :)Thanks for making me cry before church lol.Malo lava!

  7. YAY I was so megaly excited when mum came home with your book, signed!! 😀 So bummed I couldn't come yesterday. skdjvchdajfheh But totes excited to get stuck it! Aww man, it's gonna be like Harry Potter 7, I wanna read it asap to find out what happens but I want to take it slow so I can keep reading it!You are amazing and you make it very easy for us to support you :)Have fun with the rest of the writing – as you know, we're all waiting in bubbling anticipation!!

  8. ^ What they said. We're not stalkers, by the way. Just 3 consecutive sister comments. That's normal, right? Totes. Keep up the good work 😀

  9. We love you to bits Lani! A Mum's Mission accomplished – signed books, photos with my favourite Author and my kids and the characters. On our way home my daughters said "It was the best day ever!" Keep up the amazing magical work xox Vagana fams

  10. Congratulations yet again! I am so happy that we were able to be there and to help sponsor such an awesome event for such an awesome inspiring person! This is only the begining of such an adventure for you and your family. Remember that we are here and you have our card so whenever you need plumbing or not let us know! 🙂 Onwards and upwards! Alofas, Stacie & Alesana xx

  11. Hi Lani :)It was such a humbling experience meeting you on Sat! I was a lil star struck too lol Looking at all the pictures you've posted, I'm chuffes for not taking any myself 😦 didn't help with the amount of copies I was lugging around getting signed lolI did however start to read my very own copy of 'when water burns' when I got about such a delight to read! It has all the rich ingredients of a well written master piece!So proud of your work Lani. Keep it up, looking forward to the third installment 🙂 Many Blessings x

  12. Congratulations Lani. You deserve every bit of it. You've made alot of sacrifices to see your works finally come to fruition. Not only you but your family and friends giving you the much needed support and motivation to get you to where you are today. We can only be grateful of you sharing your talents with us and now for us to sacrifice a small token of buying and reading your work at hand to show our support for another Samoan sister making her climb to an endless ladder. As they say the sky is the limit! My husband has never read a book in his life and he's now just reading into Telesa – I wish I had waited for the third book because now I'm eager to know when it will be out. No pressure whatsoever lol. Now we need someone to put it into a Movie! C'mon Peter Jackson lolAll the best for the last of trilogy of Telesa. Sadly I don't want to see it come to an end. Your Amazeballs! Thank Lani!

  13. Awww!! I'm so happy for you. I honestly cried a bit myself while reading this. So upset I couldnt come!!! Congratulations and I hope your next one is even beter!!!

  14. It was truly and honour to have met you in person. Congratualtions on the second book. You have been an inspiration and i thank you for sharing your talent and gift with us. Looking forward to reading more of your writings.Keep up the good work.Rexy 🙂

  15. Words cannot thank you enough for the hard work you've done, the efforts- WELL DONE LANI, you have not only make your family proud, your family name, your history but you've also made us all proud of you! for me as a teenage girl, i take your work as a good example for us the youth..! I must say it was a great opportunity for me to finally meet you and the characters! You guys put a huge smile on my face after a hectic week at home, i needed a break away from home, but then the book signing event- WOW! I had a great time ever!Thank you Lani *I encourage you to WRITE more*GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY =)Anna all the way from WEST AUCKLAND

  16. I lOVE that you had the courage to follow your dreams and the self belief to self publish! Your work has been embraced because it's awesome and we all want to get a bit of that action 🙂

  17. Hahahahaha, so funny, I actually started to tear up just before you mentioned it, and then broke out into laughter. Do you think Ezra is thinking of getting a pe'a now his character got one in WWB? Awesome support as expected in the biggest Polynesian populated city in the world….one word…PROUD. Proud to be many things, but especially to know that a Samoan sister is representing on the global front, sharing her God given talent with the universe. Forever a fan. God bless.

  18. Aww I went teary eyed reading this post. Lani you deserve all the success and all the happiness that comes with it. You are such a passionate writer and an inspiration to many around the globe (including myself). Through your courage you've shown that dreams can be pursued and fulfilled. Keep up the amazing work. 'Ofa lahi atu xox

  19. I live in Hawaii and Ive never heard of the book but saw it on someone's post on fb and looked it up, I was excited to find it on Amazon, I read both books in one wkend!!!!!!!! LOVED THEM!!! Now I regret going thru them so fast, TEAM DANIEL!!!! Waiting on the next release!!!

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