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Google Loves me More than My Mum Does.

What Big Son is wearing this week. 

You know what I hate? The law of the universe which dictates that your child
* will only ever have a volcanic raging fever – in the middle of the night. Play all day, run wild outdoors then clock strikes twelve? Pumpkin coach explodes. Fever, crash and burn.
* will only ever be mortally wounded – in the middle of the night. Climb a tree in the moonlight because they think ‘it’s fun’ and rip their leg open bad enough that they need emergency surgery.
* will only ever suffer a life-threatening allergic reaction to their pain meds – in the middle of the night. Play X-box all afternoon. Sleep. Eat. Play more X-box. BAAAAAM, ‘I’m dying, help me.

I also hate that secondary law of the universe which dictates that all of these bad things will only ever happen to your child when your partner is an ocean away in Samoa/Australia/NZ.

Last week, Big Son had his wisdom tooth extracted. There was crying involved. From me. There was pain, suffering and swelling. For him. He was doped up with 3 different types of medication. By the second day, he was feeling worse than the first. I soothed him and told him ‘this too shall pass. Be strong. Be patient.’ By the third day, he was feeling super worse than the second. I was a little irritated with him. Because of course, I am a busy multi-tasking mother who has way more important things to do than coddle a seventeen year old who’s practically a MAN already. I brushed him off and told him ‘you’re exaggerating. Get over it.’ He went and played X-box. An hour later he came to tell me “I feel really weird. Dizzy. Breathless.” I told him, “X-Box has that effect on people. Its a scientific fact. Go away. I’m very busy.” Night time comes. Big Son staggers over to me and shows me a google page printout. “I think you should take me to the emergency room. According to Google, I’m having an allergic reaction to codeine.” 

I am ashamed (now) to tell you that I rolled my eyes. And complained loudly. All the way to the afterhours A&E. And I muttered words like…’hypochondriac…bloody Google…giving sooky teenagers ideas…’ as I thought about all the writing that I WASNT doing because I was taking this kid to the doctor. My annoyance  continued right up until we got to reception and I noticed that Big Son’s face now resembled that of a lopsided blowfish. And he was red in the face. And struggling to breathe. And doctors rushed him down the hall, hooked him up to machines, pushed the panic button, loaded him into an ambulance and drove away.  Huh

“What’s happening?” Your son is having an allergic reaction. We need to get him to the hospital immediately. Just like that, Big Son went from being ‘Annoying Big Sook Son who is Fiapoko enough to google imaginary illnesses’ – to Big Son who Might Die and All Because His Horrible Selfish Mother didn’t Look After Him Properly. 

Some hours later, Big Son was alright. Disaster had been averted. And I had to deal with the next awful challenge. Telling his faraway-father-in-Samoa what had happened.  Saying, “But he was playing X-Box all afternoon and he looked just fine dammit!” was a little bit helpful for my case. But not much. Especially not when Big Son tells his Dad on the phone ( in a very weak, sad voice) “It’s so lucky I turned to Google.” Because my mum ignored me. Google loves me more than my own mum.  “It’s a good thing I kept asking mum to take me to the doctor and didn’t give up.” Because my mum is a cruel heartless creature. I could have passed out on my bedroom floor and she wouldn’t have noticed I was dead until rats started gnawing on my body.

I want the universe to witness that I have apologized profusely to my son. All this week, I have been creeping in to his room when he’s asleep to check that he’s still breathing. (I havent done that since he was a little boy that believed I was the smartest, bestest person on the planet.) I have also stopped complaining about how much I miss living in Samoa. Because I’m feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for excellent medical care in NZ. I am also very appreciative of the majesty and wonder of Google.

Can I just say though, that it’s been a week now and Big Son is STILL workin that guilt trip? “It would be nice if you bought me some ice cream/gave me an extra ten dollars/excused me from chores…you know I could have died last week? Remember how you didn’t listen to me? You didn’t care? Remember that?”

Parents everywhere, let this be a lesson for you – Never ever be too busy to pay attention to your sick kid. Because if he has to end up Googling his own symptoms? Then he will NEVER let you forget it.

8 thoughts on “Google Loves me More than My Mum Does.”

  1. Oh Lani, I feel your pain. Thank God for Google! Reminds me of the shocking moment I took Lali to the doc coz she had a "bit of a cough, that was probably nothing anyway" (my words) and she got whisked off down the hall and hooked up to some breathing apparatus coz she was having a "bad asthma attack" (doc's words). Epic mother fail moment :(Yep, it's moment like these I'm happy to be in NZ too. Lol 🙂

  2. We've all had our moments. Getting irritated over a whiny child complaining about a tummy ache and telling them just to be quiet and go lay down. Only to find them vomiting in their room later. It's impossible for busy mothers to know and catch everything. Especially one as busy as you. But I'm sure for the rest of your life that incident for your son will be the "Remember when…" story. I wonder how long your son is going to guilt you with it. Well no matter what he says, Google's got nothing on your love for him. =)

  3. Thanks to your post, I promise to become an overbearing mother who will now jump at any mention of a sore head/tummy/finger/toe/elbow….just in case 🙂

  4. I was sitting with my family when I read this last night, and they almost died laughing and told me about all my illnesses they ignored. I had pneumonia once and they ignored it for entirely too long. I think I'd be dead by now if it werent for thermometers. In their opinion, if I dont have a fever, then I'm not sick. Luckily I almost always had a fever.

  5. I read this post to my parents. Apparently I was sick once and they ignored it, after a while they broke down and took me to the doctor. Turns out I had pneumonia. Talk about neglect! Ha. They loved your post by the way.

  6. That was a close call. Glad it all turned out alright. No worries he is going to milk the incident for what it is worth. I still remind my dad (a doctor) that I ended up with a ruptured ear when I was a kid because he thought it was just another ear ache from swimining in the river after I had been told not to.

  7. We have this big black eye patch, no – not the pirate dress-up variety you buy from the $2 shop, but the standard medical issue dished out at the A&E when you've let your kids' eye become so infected that he just about loses it. True story. On day 3 I said to hubby, "maybe we should take him to the Doctor today?" (third consecutive day running a fever of 39plus). Hubby: "nah, I'm sure he's faking it – take all those clothes off him and tell him to sit outside in the cool". We lied to the Doctor and said he'd only been sick for 24 hours (Come on!! we all do it!). He raised one eye brow and waited to verify it with the kid when we were out of ear shot.Pleased to report the kid still has both eyes. And we also have a really good quality eye patch to forever remind us of the extent of out neglectfulness.

  8. Yes…BUT google did not take him to see the doc or get him ice cream. Google will never bring him ice cream or do his laundry.

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