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‘When Water Burns’ Comes to Life on Screen.

I’m thrilled to release the trailer for the second book in the Telesa Trilogy: When Water Burns – produced by Jordan Kwan and a fabulous team of models. As an author who writes with a constant “film” in her mind of the story she’s writing on paper, it’s incredibly exciting to see a story come to life on screen, even for only three minutes. I’m proud to have the support of a fellow Pacific artist on his creative journey and I’m in awe at his talent. The modelling team who contributed to this trailer have been tireless ambassadors for Samoan literature. Love you all, love this trailer! Thank you.

9 thoughts on “‘When Water Burns’ Comes to Life on Screen.”

  1. Your work is amazing, kudos to author Lani! Words so descriptive it literally falls off the pages creating a surreal world!! So stoked, I can't wait for book 3, the Bone Bearer!!!

  2. Lani its a great joy to my heart to see a Polynesian writer come to the fore front. It makes so happy to support our own, we Samoan people have so much talent but I wish that us Samoan people will stop hating and SUPPORT..I support any Polynesian thing that comes out, Everyone needs to know and see the talent that the people from the south Pacific has. Love your books and looking forward to the 3rd one and I pray that one day these books will come to life on the big screen. reach.for the stars, nothing can stop you know.

  3. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! If i hd not already read the book, this trailer would surely have me picking it up ASAP!GREAT JOB!!!When can we expect book 3?

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