“Where do you get your story ideas from?” #1


The best writing #roomWithAView….where Telesa stories come from.

Where do YOU source your creativity fire? What spaces and places speak to YOUR soul?

3 thoughts on ““Where do you get your story ideas from?” #1”

  1. Everything that I write about comes directly from my childhood in Western Samoa, memories of being raised by, and living with my beautifully loving, delightful grandmother, happy family memories from Apia, meeting and marrying my fascinating and intriguing husband who could drive me crazy at the drop of a hat, raising our children and watching them grow into exceptionally wonderful and adults who contribute much to the communities in which they live (and my best friends!); and especially now at 71, delighting in my beloved captivating grandchildren, and living the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ…People in my life and places where I have been give me inspiration, and God gives me the talent with which to describe that which inspires me…God is good!

  2. These are my two places:
    1. On the loo (sorry for the graphics)
    2. And in the car while I’m driving!
    And unfortunately, most of the time I forget whatever was on my mind after I leave the restroom, and I can’t write while I’m driving. I’ve tried recording myself speaking while I’m driving and just transpose it later, but I ramble too much 😉 Otherwise, I try to gain inspiration through whatever is significant in my life at the moment!

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