Maths and Me dont Match

Bella brings me her maths work and reports theres just one problem she cant figure out, can I help her? I look at it, have no clue what’s going on, and tell her, dont worry about that one, just leave it.

Darren overhears me. Shocked. “Just leave it? What does that teach her? When theres a difficult problem, then just skip it? She should try and work her way thru it step by step. Not quit!”

Me, #shrug – Nah this problem is really hard. I’m not going to make her keep trying it when I cant even understand it. It’s not important in life anyway. Skip it.

Darren looks at it. He doesn’t know the answer either. I say, SEE I TOLD YOU ITS TOO HARD.

But then he sits down with Bella and they attack it step by step. While I shake my head at them and roll my eyes. And go make lunch.

A whole 30min later and they figure it out. Maths problem solved. We eat lunch. (which is rather delicious) Darren and Bella are mimika that they solved the problem. But what I want to know is – HOW DOES THIS MATH PROBLEM IMPROVE OUR LIVES AT ALL?! it doesnt. 😜

What do we learn from this?

  1. Lani is a quitter of hard problems. And a maker of delicious lunches.
  2. Darren should always do maths homework with his kids.

The End.