Open Call for Stories

When I’m not writing books, I’m running a publishing venture with my friend Sisilia Eteuati, called TATOU PUBLISHING. Together we put out a rather fabulous anthology of stories by women of the Moana called VA. And we are now working on another book called FUA which is stories for children aged 8 to 12 years. The open call for stories went out a month ago and the deadline is tomorrow (or the day after it you’re on the other side of the world).

So why should you submit a story for the FUA anthology? And really want it to be selected? Here’s a few reasons. And I can say these with full confidence and surety because we did it already with VA…

  1. Because your story will be published worldwide in both ebook and print, read by literally thousands (and kazillions) of people.
  2. You wont have to wait a year or two or three to SEE your story published. It will happen this year. Within a few months. Because that’s how we roll at Tatou Publishing! ie me and Sisilia Eteuati are impatient and wildly enthusiastic (ie a bit wacky obsessive dedicated) about getting books done and out there.
  3. If selected, your story (and you) will get the very bestest treatment. Editing that is encouraging, supportive AND constructively critical. We will help you make sure your story is the very best it can be.
  4. Your story will be part of a BESTSELLING book. It will hit number one on Amazon’s bestseller lists for the region, and shine on the NZ national bestseller lists.
  5. You will be promoted and celebrated across all our social media. If you have any other published books, a website, a blog, anything – we will promote the heck out of it and encourage all Tamaitai Tusitala and Wahine Writers to do the same.
  6. You will have opportunities to do writer panels, interviews, conferences, festivals, school talks etc. In person or via online.

And theres probably more reasons I havent thought of! So send that story in to us at TatouPublishing@gmail.com