Samoan Books for Children

ANNOUNCEMENT and Question time. I’m working on a line of kids books 😍. And super excited about them!

Would YOU buy #madeInSamoa books for the children in your life? Which age group do YOU want books for most?

  1. Under 5’s – Bilingual Gagana Samoa & English picture books, basic numbers, colors, shapes, beginner words and phrases.
  2. 3 to 7yro – illustrated story books that you read together. Set in Samoa. Bilingual. Beautifully illustrated by an internationally renowned Samoan artist 😍.
  3. Middle grade, 8 to 12 yrs – Chapter book/novel for junior readers, set in Samoa. Lots of Samoan words woven in the story but NOT entirely bilingual.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Share with those you know who are looking for more #Samoa kids books! Help me with my fiapoto research πŸ˜‰

And keep a lookout for the book announcement with details of where and how you can buy my books for children.

2 thoughts on “Samoan Books for Children”

  1. I am not Samoan, but the idea of books teaching basic language in both Gagana Samoa and English intrigues me for my little nephews (one is already 3 1/2, but one will be born in late August/early September). I think children should be introduced to various languages and cultures young.

  2. I’m definitely keen on buying gagana books for my daughter. Especially books that are about Samoan myths and legends. The stories told by our grandparents which I only remember bits and pieces.

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