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Auoi, ou te fia ola

She couldn’t sleep. So when the cry came, she heard it immediately. “Help me! Please.” A man’s voice. Calling from the road. “Auoi, ou te fia ola.” The Samoan’s universal cry for survival. I want to live. Iva leapt up with her torch, raced down the stairs and peered out the window beside the front… Continue reading Auoi, ou te fia ola

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Emergencies that Require an Archangel

We spent most of last weekend in the hospital. My teenagers were invited to a BBQ at their aunt's house so they could hang out with other teenagers ( and escape from their slave driver mother.) Big Daughter decided to climb up a tree. Barefoot. In the dark. Even though Big Son told her it… Continue reading Emergencies that Require an Archangel

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Support Four Debut Authors and Win $125.

You all know that I love to read - anything and everything. So I was thrilled when a group of debut authors approached me about featuring their new books and giving Sleepless in Samoa readers a chance to win $125 USD shopping spree on Amazon. (And if you love buying e-books for anything from .99c… Continue reading Support Four Debut Authors and Win $125.