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Emergencies that Require an Archangel

We spent most of last weekend in the hospital. My teenagers were invited to a BBQ at their aunt's house so they could hang out with other teenagers ( and escape from their slave driver mother.) Big Daughter decided to climb up a tree. Barefoot. In the dark. Even though Big Son told her it… Continue reading Emergencies that Require an Archangel

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Gooey Eyes and Really Dumb Doctors

Can you read this chart? U cant? You IDIOT!I took the Beast to the doctor because she had a gooey eye. The doctor was young. VERY young. She looked at the Beast's eye thoughtfully, hmmm. Up until that point I hadn't been worried. My kid had a gooey eye. She needed some antibiotic drops and… Continue reading Gooey Eyes and Really Dumb Doctors