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Big Kiss Noises for Motherhood.

And my third and final favourite oldie post was (of course) one inspired by the Great Love of my Life...the Beast. The Young family went for a ride tonight to open the mail. I hate going for a ride as a family because the car is a Santa Fe and there's seven of us and… Continue reading Big Kiss Noises for Motherhood.

challenges and joys of, motherhood, naomi campbell, samoa

I feel your pain Naomi.

It’s tough being a supermodel. Like Naomi Campbell. You have to interrupt your holiday on the Riviera to do mundane things like testify at an international Crimes Tribunal. About THAT weekend a LOOOOONG time ago when you were ‘hanging out’ at a South African Presidential palace and some gangster type leader was one of the… Continue reading I feel your pain Naomi.

challenges and joys of, children

Worst Mother of the Year Award.

Sade the super scientist...There are some days when I can nominate myself for ‘Mother of the Year Award.’ Like the time I singlehandedly prepped a space alien themed birthday party for my son. Complete with moon cake, alien face painting, wrap aunty Pele up in toilet paper ( aka a space mummy) and various other… Continue reading Worst Mother of the Year Award.

challenges and joys of, children, motherhood

Expect the worst.

Today my mother told me I needed to ‘keep a close eye’ on my teenage son. ‘He’s going astray, he’s getting up to no good…’ How does she know this? Because at church he was walking with a slight slouch, a ‘I don’t have a crooked back Im really doing a cool as cool walk.’… Continue reading Expect the worst.

challenges and joys of, children, motherhood, samoa, sunday.

A Sad tale of Swarovski crystals.

Most weeks I enjoy Sunday church. Especially now that Bella the Beast goes to her nursery class all by herself without screaming and tantrums. Sunday church is refreshing and uplifting. A tall glass of rejuvenation. Yesterday was NOT one of those Sundays. It was a disgustingly hot day. One where thick globs of humidity stuck… Continue reading A Sad tale of Swarovski crystals.