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Big Kiss Noises for Motherhood.

And my third and final favourite oldie post was (of course) one inspired by the Great Love of my Life…the Beast.

The Young family went for a ride tonight to open the mail. I hate going for a ride as a family because the car is a Santa Fe and there’s seven of us and it’s crowded. And i hate going for rides with the family because Bella isn’t in the car seat anymore and she refuses to sit down and stands up yelling and everybody fights and argues and i hate it. And i hate taking them all with me. I would much rather go for loooong drives ALONE. For much needed ALONE TIME. When they’re all in the car with me I want to jump out of the moving vehicle like Indiana jones and watch as it drives off in the sunset without me. Aaaargh.

But as we were driving back thru Vaimoso and all the arguing and pushing and sniping was going on in the back, I looked at the evening sky. It was pink twirls and layers of blue and stars were starting to come out. I said ‘look at the pretty sky’ not thinking anyone was going to pay attention. Bella the Beast stands up to attention and yells, OH SO PRETTY, MUM WHO MAKE IT? I said, Jesus. She then claps her hands and yells some more ( this kid doesnt know how to speak in regular tone decibels) OH YOU GOOD JESUS, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, YOU MAKE IT FOR ME, SO PRETTY, I LOVE YOU JESUS! Big kiss noises for Jesus…MWAH MWAH MWAH!.

Right there I stopped hating the family ride in the car, stopped despising them all for their annoying chatter and squabbbling. Right there I felt bad for secretly hating being in the car with them. And i was thankful for a Bella Beast who can appreciate a beautiful night sky.
( even though she does seem to think it was all created JUST for her benefit…once again, terrible twos, everything is about ME ME ME ME.) And I was thankful for a Bella Beast who can loudly and enthusiastically tell Jesus how awesome He is. Reminding me when i needed it most, that it is a beastly wonderful thing to be a mother.

Big kiss noises for children. MWAH MWAH MWAH!