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Telesa – The Creation Story

There are many tellings of the Creation Story in Pacific mythology. To celebrate my birthday (yay!), I'm sharing this piece from 'When Water Burns': the Creation Story - according to Telesa legend. If you've ever wondered about the origins of these fierce protectors of the earth, then this will answer your musings!In the beginning there… Continue reading Telesa – The Creation Story

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"…and behold, it was VERY good."

When was the last time YOU gazed delightedly upon something you created and said, "That's really good! Daayummn, I'm kind of clever/talented/gifted/brilliant! Well done, me.You worked hard on this and it rocks!"I'm guessing you dont do that very often. Why? Because a lot of us, especially women, are programmed to be our own worst detractors.… Continue reading "…and behold, it was VERY good."