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Telesa – The Creation Story

There are many tellings of the Creation Story in Pacific mythology. To celebrate my birthday (yay!), I'm sharing this piece from 'When Water Burns': the Creation Story - according to Telesa legend. If you've ever wondered about the origins of these fierce protectors of the earth, then this will answer your musings!In the beginning there… Continue reading Telesa – The Creation Story

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Virtual Online Love

My mother is a powerhouse of creativity and I owe much of who I am - to her. It's no accident that my Telesa series centers around beautiful, strong, vibrant and powerful women because that's the kind of mother I've been blessed with. Both my parents are incredibly supportive of my writing efforts... in their… Continue reading Virtual Online Love

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Telesa – Auckland Launch Night

Last night my book Telesa was launched here in Auckland, NZ at an event jointly hosted by Auck. Univ of Technology and Auckland University. It was an evening of poetry, dance, music and Pasifika-style celebration with Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh giving the keynote address, a Telesa siva performance by AU graduate Filoi Vaila'au, music from… Continue reading Telesa – Auckland Launch Night

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A Fiery Announcement

I'm really excited to present...The Official Book Trailer for  - TELESA:The Covenant Keeper. Produced by Jordan Kwan, featuring models Ezra Taylor, Faith Wulf and Flora Rivers with photography from Jordan and also Tim Rasmussen in Samoa.                                       … Continue reading A Fiery Announcement

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Calling all Pacific Writers. Even ones who haven’t written anything yet.

Let's Join Forces.Who am I? I'm confused. I'm a...Commissioned Author. A year ago, my first book was published. "Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi" was written on commission - which means that I was paid a weekly salary plus all expenses to research and write a book that would then belong to my employer. The Australian Govt… Continue reading Calling all Pacific Writers. Even ones who haven’t written anything yet.

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Wickedly Funny and Delicious – Simone

"Life's like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get." Forrest Gump's momma said it and like most one-liners from movies that I love, this quote has stuck with me. It's true you never know what you're going to get and its also true that you're never going to be… Continue reading Wickedly Funny and Delicious – Simone

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Share your Passion – and Win a Print copy of TELESA

WIN a free signed copy of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper.Print books are now available in the US (and the universe) via Amazon. Available in NZ/Australia via these links:* $24.95 NZD, plus $5.00 postage anywhere in NZ. Click HERE  to order.* $22.95 AUD, plus $10.00 postage. Click HERE to order.* $14.95 USD, plus postage. Click HERE to… Continue reading Share your Passion – and Win a Print copy of TELESA

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The Cleverest Woman in the World.

I am a daughter of the cleverest woman in the world. The most capable, most multi-talented woman in the world. My mother can sew, cook, pickle, bake, preserve, paint, knit, embroider, crochet, write stories worth reading, give speeches that move you, weave, fashion design, sculpt, screenprint, dance ballet and tap, sing, ice skate, re-upholster a… Continue reading The Cleverest Woman in the World.

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And the Winner is…

ML2ENAY. Thank you to everyone who uploaded a review of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper on either Amazon or Smashwords by the Monday deadline. You rock! I appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement. Today we put all your names into this very special magic box. ( Otherwise known as Bella's Toy Blocks Box)If you posted a review… Continue reading And the Winner is…

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A Man Reader Raves (and Rants) about Romance

  This is what I have to see every 10 pages. Reminding me that this is chick-lit, why am I still reading  this for?!Do men read YA romantic urban fantasy fiction? A few weeks ago, I would have said - hell no. But since the release of my book TELESA, I have been pleasantly surprised… Continue reading A Man Reader Raves (and Rants) about Romance