I’m not a sloth slug anymore.

I'm going to stop saying IM TOO SLOW TO CALL MYSELF A RUNNER…IM NOT A REAL TRIATHLETE…NO IM JUST A SLOTH SLUG… Because this week I found myself: Moving my long run to Tuesday, because I'm doing a triathlon on Saturday instead. Like, WHO EVEN AM I ?Running 10km nonstop. Since when have I done… Continue reading I’m not a sloth slug anymore.


Children are Dream-Killers

One woman. Running over 104km of scorching road...over jagged mountains and through expansive rainforest...can she endure? Can she summon the strength and will to battle onward?  (cue kickbutt powerful theme music here) Can you see it? Can you hear it? Wouldn't it be awesome?! Last weekend, I went to support a friend of ours as… Continue reading Children are Dream-Killers


What Happens when you Shove a Burning Stick in Your Eye

There are worms living on my eyelashes and eyebrows, feasting on my dead skin cells and eye secretions and burrowing into my hair follicle. They have tiny claws and needle-like mouthparts so they can burrow and feast. They come out at night when I'm asleep and crawl over my eyes, laying their eggs and having… Continue reading What Happens when you Shove a Burning Stick in Your Eye